Video Review: Deborah Cox & R.L. “We Can’t Be Friends”

Deborah Cox drives on the main road on a weekday afternoon.

R.L. sits on a plastic wrapped couch in the house, looking through old photos of him and Cox together. He touches the photo with the crease and throws a picture frame in the box. He puts his hand on his face as he tosses a photo album.

Cox parks at the curb of R.L.’s home and opens the door. He stands up and holds the picture behind his back. They glance at each other. Cox walks into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, she picks up a framed photo of them and presses it to her chest. She stares at two stacks of DVD’s and the sticky note with her name.

She sits on the edge of the bathtub.

R.L. leans against the wall in the family room, listening to her as she packs her stuff. She stands against the bathroom wall. He walks into the kitchen and breaks a plate. She turns his head. He cries on the floor and she puts her arms around him. He rests his head on her chest as she holds him.

Rating: 4/5

Deborah Cox tells the server she’s waiting on someone. She sips her coffee and takes a deep breath. Her shaky knees bump the table as she thinks of seeing her ex-boyfriend. R.L. again. He was the love of the of her life. He had been one of her best friends and their relationship had turned romantic in their early 20s. However, a pregnancy scare caused them to break up. He had been ready to be a father. Given he was established at his job, he believed a child would be a happy addition to their home. However, she had been preparing for her first semester of graduate school and trying to get her financial aid in order. She wanted a baby but not then.

As she drove over to their home to pick up her things, she tried to hold it together. But he broke down first in the kitchen, They slept together one last time and said their goodbyes. She believed it was going to be forever.

Last week, she had run into him while grocery shopping. He introduced her to his little girl and her heart broke again. He asked her about her job. She said she was working as mental health counselor. He complimented her on her ring. She shrugged and said she was planning to get married next year.

He walks into the diner and waves to her. She waves back, not knowing what to expect.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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