Video Review: Meghan Trainor “Let You Be Right”

Royal blue lasers form a triangle around Meghan Trainor. She smiles as her image duplicates with the shimmering crystal bulbs.

In a gym, she and her dancers stand by the three-point line at on the basketball court. They begin their routine as multi-colored lasers shoot towards them. Wearing a black crop top and sweatpants, she puts her hands over face.

In silhouette. she spins around as the royal blue lasers continue to shine.

Trainor’s steps change color on the floor as she moves backwards and forwards.

She lets her baggy coat drape around her shoulders in the royal blue laser light. She throws her head back and touches her sparkly bra. Off to the side, one of the dancers plays an arcade game.

Bordered by the shimmering crystal bulbs, she turns her back to the camera and looks over her shoulder.

She and her friends dance in a parking lot. She spins around between the convertible cars.

As the lasers flash royal blue and lime, she walks away.

Rating: 2/5

Meghan Trainor jumps up and down on the court as she scores a three pointer, winning the game for her team. Her teammates give her a high-five. Back in high school, she played basketball with her brother and a few friends. A classmate of hers mentioned about going out for the basketball team. However, during the tryout, she felt as though she fell for a joke. While catching her breath, she saw the coach snickering with her assistant. She walked out, knowing she wouldn’t be picked. They only saw a heavyset young woman.

At her first real job, she was sinking three pointers into the basket on her break. A few female co-workers clapped for her as they wiped their faces. They had given her a number for an adult sports group they play in and asked if she wanted to join.

She’s been MVP of her team for two years in a row. Her friends and family attend the games. Her brother said how proud he was of her. After the game, she and her family go out for dinner. They tell her they are glad she’s playing basketball now. She’s always loved it. However, stereotypes about her shape limited her opportunities.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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