Video Review: The Rolling Stones “Anybody Seen My Baby?”

At the Sleazeball Lounge in New York City, Ronnie stands at the oversized microphone on stage and welcomes everyone. Three strippers dance with each other on stage. Ronnie says they have lots of things but he doesn’t know where his baby is.

In the dressing room, a young woman (Angelina Jolie) puts on fishnet stockings and pushes up her breasts. She runs on stage and shakes her butt as she performs. In the audience. Keith, Mick, Ronnie and Charlie sit on a couch.  Keith smokes and throws his hat to Ronnie. Mick watches as she takes off her blonde wig. The three strippers smoke next to them.

The young woman walks off the stage. Mick gets up from the couch and follows her. A woman dabs on her makeup in the dressing room. The young woman leaves out the back door and walks in the early morning traffic, her jacket wide open. Mick walks with his umbrella as he crosses the street. A homeless with a handmade sign stating “Please help” shakes his can. Mick gets into a cab.

Keith plays a guitar on top of a gargoyle in the city. The three strippers perform on stage. People wait on the subway train. Mick pays and calls out for the young woman. businessmen walk through the turnstiles. Mick walks onto the train.

The homeless man gets attacked on the sidewalk. Wearing a faux fur-trimmed coat, she leans against a fence at an apartment building. Mick searches all night for her. The homeless man lies dead while people walk by. Keith blows a kiss from on top of the gargoyle.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman has never told Mick her real name. During her private lap dances with him, she touches his arms and stays silent as he asks her about her life. He tips her in the 1,000s of dollars and tells her to use it to get out of the club. She murmurs a “thank you” and tucks in it her robe.

Through the other women performers, he found out she has been on her own since she was eighteen. Her parents kicked her out after they discovered she skipped her final year of high school. She lived on the street and in shelters for almost a year before finding a job at the club. She’s quiet and after her shift, she goes to her home. wherever that is.

During her performance, he watches her leave the stage. He chases after her, wanting to offer her his home. Without a job, she’ll be back on the streets again. He passes by a homeless man who cries out in pain as people ignore him. It’s not the life he wants for her. He searches for her all night and doesn’t see her anywhere. Walking on the sidewalk, he notices the homeless man lying cold on the sidewalk. He checks his pulse and then calls 911 from a payphone. Slumping on the sidewalk, he waits for the paramedics and cries.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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