Video Review: Boyz II Men “Water Runs Dry”

During the sunset, a young woman walks on the white sand. In her hand, an orb glows orange. Inside the orb, Nathan, Mike, Wanya and Shawn stand on a mountainous drift of sand while a helicopter hovers overhead.

The young woman continues to walk on the sand. She raises her arms by the dried weeds. Nathan, Mike, Wanya and Shawn start to sing. They walk towards a series of chairs.

With her back uncovered, she lies on the floor, her eyes half-closed as a part of her moves through the orb. Back on the white sand, she lifts up the orb. A man plays guitar in an isolated area. As the sun rises, the orchestra starts to play. They run on the sand. She touches the long string of pearls as she continues to walk.

Rating: 1/5

The sun beat down on Nathan, Wanya, Mike and Shawn inside the orb. They stayed together as a group to combat the heat. Shawn pointed up the sky and saw the helicopter. Another unhappy young woman in a relationship was gazing into orb.

They ran, looking for her. They hadn’t seen a human in years. If they could find her, they all could leave. Throats parched, they had learned to live with the thirst. In the distance, they heard music and ran towards it. They spotted an orchestra and sat down to listen to it. With the existence of music, Nathan believed their chances were improving. The orchestra dissolved into dust once they finished.

The young woman walked on the depleted beach and reflected on her relationship. She figured she had one of two choices: leave or try to work it out. Leaving would be the easy solution. She could start over. However, working it out would mean swallowing her pride. She wasn’t sure she could do it. However, the lack of food and water was testing her ability to think clearly. There was no turning back.

She closed her eyes and rubbed the globe. The waves started to crash and underneath her feet, her toes made an imprint.

Director: N/A Year: 1995


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