Video Review: Clean Bandit & Demi Lovato “Solo”

Grace walks away from her boyfriend as he shouts at her inside their home.

Demi Lovato sits on a couch of her home.

Grace lies in the bathtub, hugging her knees to her chest as the water runs. While she puts on some blush, she wipes away her tears with the brush.

Her boyfriend pulls at her arm. In the family room, he lifts up a vase of flowers and throws it at the wall. She cries on the piano bench. She grabs her skateboard in the garage and rides to EZ Coin Laundry. She walks inside and hands some cash to a young woman in the office. The young woman counts it and makes a phone call.

In the split screen, the young woman talks on the left while Jeff and Luke work in the laboratory. They create the potion. The young woman skateboards.

In bed, Grace’s face begins to evaporate. Jeff and Luke read about dogs in the laboratory. The young woman picks it up the potion at the laboratory and returns to the laundromat. Grace sits on top of two washing machines. While sitting on the lounge chair, Grace’s face evaporates again.

She and the young woman ride their skateboards, meeting halfway to exchange the potion. Back at home, she mixes it on the sliced mushrooms and onions on the cutting board. She smiles as she serves him his dinner plate. He chews and his face explodes in a cloud of rainbow smoke. She watches as he transforms into a rainbow-colored labrador.

In the morning, she puts the labrador on the leash and lets him run with her as she rides her skateboard. She rides her skateboard alone on the weekend. She pets him on the couch. Grace, Luke and Jeff stand in the laboratory together.

Rating: 4/5

Grace’s rainbow labrador runs to the door and greets her best friend. As he jumps on her, her best friend scratches his ears and tells him he’s such a good boy. She asks where she got him. Grace says she got him from a rescue group. He had been an aggressive dog who people had turned away. Grace gives her dog a kiss and tells him she’ll be home soon. Her best friend notes that he thinks that he’s human as they walk out the door.

Her best friend says they haven’t heard from her boyfriend for a while. She comments that everyone is getting worried. Grace feigns concern, stating she hopes he’s okay. However, one day she came home and he was gone. She filed a report but there weren’t any leads.

Back at home, she sits on the couch, watching television, Her lab leaps onto her lap and licks her hand. She believed her boyfriend would’ve been trying to bite her or snarling. However, as a dog, he’s a gentle creature who wants her approval and love. He follows her around the house, sometimes with his head down and she assures him it’s okay. As much trouble as he caused her as a human, she’ll cry once she has to put him down.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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