Video Review: Julia Michaels & Trippie Redd “Jump”

Lit in cobalt, Julia Michaels closes her eyes as she sits in the backseat, which is displayed on the television sitting on the hood of the car. She stands by the hood, wearing a corset top, denim jacket and distressed jeans. She gets into the car again and films herself sitting in the backseat.

Trippie Redd smokes as he walks down an alley. Lit in crimson, he drives through the city at night.

Leaning on the driver’s side of the car, she waves a handheld dry ice maker, which creates hazy red smoke.

Lit in cobalt, she and Trippie Redd stand together in the alley. She points into the video camera.

She carries two dry ice makers on both shoulders as she walks around the car.

Lit in crimson. Trippie Redd stands next to Michaels, who is lit in teal. He sits in his car and then jumps on top of it, waving the handheld dry ice maker.

She lies on the hood of the car. Two tube televisions sit on top of the car, both which feature Michaels. She smiles as she films herself. She stands by the hood of the car again.

Rating: 1/5

Julia Michaels texts her best friend, Trippie Red, telling him, “I’m boooored! We need something to do.” He suggests going to see a local band in the city. She responds no. She needs new material for her vlog and has run out of ideas. Trippie Redd says he’ll help her out and he knows a great spot where they can film.

She inputs the directions into her phone and films herself driving between traffic lights. The person honks behind her and she rolls her eyes. She had a really great expression for the shot and now she’s going to have spend extra time editing the sound out.

Once she find the spot, she squeals. It’s gritty and an area people usually avoid. She giggles in the backseat as she continues to film and turns her headlights on for effect. She waits for Trippie Redd.

Redd grew up in the area. He tells her to stay on the road and do not enter any buildings. Squatters are inside and might try to rob her. She stares down at her prized Ralph Lauren mules and hopes no one realizes how expensive they are. She stays right at her car.

Trippie Redd finds her and asks her if she was able to get there okay. She says yes. They film each other for another hour and Redd tells her they have to go. It’s not safe for either one of them to be there at 1 a.m. in the morning. The people panhandling outside the casino squat in some of the abandoned buildings nearby. She nods and gets in her car. However, she posts on social media some of her shots and says she finally has something that make her site go viral.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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