Video Review: Rod Stewart “Rhythm of My Heart”

The sun rises over the ocean. Inside a home, black-and-white photographs of family members line the mantle. Continuing in black-and-white, soldiers trudge through the field, avoiding explosions. Back in color, a helicopter flies above the trees.

A young soldier takes one last look at his home while he waits for his taxi. A man plays bagpipes in the field. As a lapis spotlight shines, Rod Stewart sings.

In the early morning, the young man and his troop run through the forest.

The background to black-and-white as Stewart continues to sing and returns to the lapis.

His wife and two children watch him leave from their doorstep. He runs in the field, carrying his rifle as a fire burns next to him. His daughter leans against the wall, holding her favorite doll while his wife sits on the bed. She hangs out the laundry on the clothesline and picks up the family photos on the mantle. In the tent, he looks through photographs of his wife and children.

At home, his daughter sets a place for him at the dinner table.

Fiery orange lights glow behind Stewart on stage. His wife and children watch an explosion on their street. He sits in the backseat of the taxi. His daughter, playing Hopscotch on the sidewalk, sees the taxi and runs inside. He gets out of the taxi and smiles once he sees his home. His daughter waits for him on the steps and he says hello to her. He hugs his wife.

Stewart stands in the lapis spotlight.

Rating: 4/5

The young soldier knew he had to serve his country. However, the thought of never seeing his wife and children again scared him. His wife cried for days once she learned of his deployment. His daughter was full of his questions while his son remained silent.

Every day, he prepared for the moment for he would die. Before each mission, he stared at the photos of his family and kissed them. In his letters, he told them he was doing all right. Sometimes, it was the truth. Other times, it was a lie to help them cope.

Back at home, his wife was going through the motions of chores. His daughter needed to keep her father’s presence alive. She set up his place at the dinner table and left his seat on the couch empty for him. His wife turned off the news. His son, though, was having a difficult time with his father being gone. For the time being, he was at one of his grandparents’ homes.

Returning home was a blessing. He had helped save the country from evil and managed to stay alive. He had seen things he couldn’t ever tell his wife. However, he knew it was the right thing to do. His family needed him now, though. They had been through enough grief and worry during his deployment.

Director: N/A Year: 1991


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