Video Review: Black Box “Everybody Everybody”

In black-and-white, Katrin Quinol sits on a pedestal. Against a plum background, she fluffs her curls. Continuing in black-and-white, she dances on the pedestal.

Lit in a sharp violet, a man, wearing shorts, shakes his hips. On the pedestal, two psychedelic paisley flowers appear behind the royal purple background. A male dancer dances in black-and-white. To the left, she dances in black-and-white while to the right, she continues the routine in color. Her image multiplies into three versions of herself who shake their arms.

A man joins her in the corner as they move in black-and-white, A man, moves around, in multi-colored neon leggings. Back in black-and-white, two shirtless men in shorts turn and bend down during their routine.

A white sun follows her as she moves. In the background, the swirled colors from slime green to royal blue. A man, wearing shorts, shakes his hips, brushed in a dandelion yellow. Wearing a peach jumpsuit, she dances between two men.

Against a red and blue swirling background, a white silhouette of a man dances. In the peach jumpsuit, she moves against the green and red swirling background while the men switch spots. A man, in a black silhouette, dances against a pink swirling background.

She touches her chest in black-and-white. A swirling lavender background appears behind her. She looks down at it returns to the white background. She puts her both arms over her chest against the plum background.

Rating: 3/5

Karin Quinol tips the drag queen a dollar she lip synchs during her performance of a 90s house hit. The drag queen takes the dollar and kisses her on the cheek. She sips on her drink as the host thanks everyone for coming out to see them tonight. The host comments that tonight determines who’s going to the regional competition. People call out some drag queen’s names. The host announces introduces the next drag queen and the bar breaks out in cheers.

Homosexuality had been something whispered about at Quinol’s family gatherings. Some family members discussed what being gay meant and talked about AIDS. Quinol at her hamburger and didn’t mention that her roommate had come out to her. Her roommate said she’d understand if she wanted her to move out. Quinol told her she was welcome to live there. Her roommate hugged her and thanked her.

One night, her roommate asked her if she wanted to go to a gay bar. Quinol said yes and asked what they what do there. Her roommate giggled and said it’s just like any other bar. While waiting in line to get inside, she saw two men greet each other. Her roommate waves hello the host. Quinol asked who the host was. Her roommate said she’s the one who handles the entertainment for the night.

While at the bar, she saw her roommate dance with some people and talk animatedly. It occurred to her how the fear had consumed her friend. At home, her roommate was quiet and didn’t share much about her personal life. As far as Quinol knew, her roommate didn’t like to date.

While walking to the car at 2 a.m., Quinol thanks her roommate for a great night and tells her that she better introduce her to next date. Her friend laughs and says she doesn’t know when that will happen.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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