Video Review: Shawn Mendes “Nervous”

Shawn Mendes sits on one of his instrument cases, playing the guitar in a coral painted studio. Three other instrument cases are shuffled to the back of him.

Standing up, he directs a young woman’s (Lillya Scarlett) hands away from his chest. She touches his cheek and jacket collar. He moves her hand away from his chin and laughs as she touches his chest. She tickles his ear and runs her hand along his chin. She playfully slaps him on the cheek. He looks at her hands while he removes them from his collar. She ruffles as his hair and he looks up.

While sitting on his instrument case, he finishes playing and then laughs.

Rating: 3/5

Shawn Mendes couldn’t keep a straight face. The young woman tickled his ears and neck. She somehow knew all the right spots to touch. It began as a game. She stood behind him and he used her hands to put his finger to his chin, indicating that he was in deep thought. He moved did a kick line while she waved her jazz hands.

However, halfway through, her touch became affectionate. At one point, though, he had to pull her aside and let her know nothing was going to happen. They were just friends and it didn’t mean anything. She shrugged it off and told him it was okay. She offers to buy him some lunch and says they need to hang out again. He said okay.

The young woman was a friend of a friend who likely didn’t know he was dating someone. She took the news well. However, he hopes she doesn’t take the offer of friendship as a soft no. He has so many young woman say they want to be his friend and then drop him once they realize it won’t lead to anything more.

Director: Eli Russell Linnetz  Year: 2018

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