Video Review: Prince & the New Power Generation “Cream”

People chatter over the announcements of the current boarding calls for Seattle. Several men thank the customer service associates at the booths and take their tickets. A fortysomething asks his wife why she’s dressed in a white pantsuit. She says “I like the way I’m dressed! Besides, it’s what Prince likes.” He wants to know who Prince is.

Prince walks into the train station with the New Power Generation in tow. He flips his sunglasses and notices the reporters. They snap his picture and ask dozens of questions, which he ignores. A second reporter asks Diamond and Pearl if they are involved with Prince. In unison, they answer “yes” and then look at each other. They then change their responses and give puzzled looks to one another.

The server asks the young women at the counter what they would like to eat. One woman orders a cream soda. The second woman says she’ll have fresh strawberries, also with cream. The two women put whipped cream on each other’s fingers and then have the other lick it. People watch from the window. Prince looks over from his menu and grins. Prince takes a hold of one of the woman’s hands as he listens to boarding call to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and the two women run past the gates. The security guards shut it as a crowd of people follow him.

The train leaves the station.

On stage, a female dancer hangs onto a gate and kicks her leg. A dozen women, wearing a black corset and black gloves, dance on the steps. Diamond and Pearl dance in front of the stage. Prince puts both their heads back as arch their backs. He, Diamond and Pearl crawl on the floor and move their butts. Prince does the splits.

Marva King sings by the piano. Prince walks over to her, playing his guitar. He lies down on the piano and jerks his hips. Diamond and Pearl snap their fingers. He and the female dancers cross their arms over their hearts. He looks up to the sky. He puts his guitar between his legs and checks his wrist for the time. Diamond and Pearl dance with Prince. Prince continues to play his guitar while the dancers start to walk off the stage.

Rating: 3.5/5

Diamond (Lori Elle) and Pearl (Robia La Morte) laugh at one of Prince’s joke in the car. Diamond asks him about Minneapolis, Minnesota and what was like growing up there. Pearl looks out the window, saying she’ll miss Seattle. As they walk into the train station, Prince asks them if they need any clarification for any questions the press may ask. Diamond and Pearl shake their heads.

Once they walk in, the press lunges for them. Diamond and Pearl separate themselves from Prince, searching out for a reporter. Diamond points to one and motions him with her finger to come over, The reporter was one of the few they trusted. He hinted at a relationship between the two of them and Prince. They say their rehearsed answers and then schedule an exclusive for later.

Arriving in Minneapolis, Prince points his favorite places and treats them to dinner. He gives them their room keys for the hotel and says he’ll meet them for rehearsal in the morning.

In the morning, Prince tunes his guitar. Diamond and Pearl talk with the choreographer, going over a couple of steps which had confused them. The band members do a quick run-through. Prince tells everyone to get ready. After the rehearsal, he says everyone did a great job and thanks them for joining him on the tour.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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