Video Review: Britney Spears “Womanizer”

Britney Spears lies naked in the sauna.

In the kitchen, wearing a robe, she holds a frying pan and serves her naked boyfriend a stick of butter on a plate. He reads the newspaper as he waits for his food.

At his desk, he realizes his coffee cup is empty. Disguised with a black wig and glasses, she drinks from the water fountain at his job. She dances in the hallway and sits on her boyfriend’s desk. Wheeling him to the center of the aisle, she whips his face with some paperwork. He tries to grab her butt and she pushes his hands away.  He follows her to the copy room and films her on his phone. She slams his face into the copy machine.

Wearing a wig of red hair and tattoos on her skin, she serves her boyfriend at the restaurant. He and his friends check her out. She pulls him by the tie and they dance in the aisle. She, the servers and her boyfriend kiss one another at the counter.

Dressed as a chauffeur, she drives him to his latest stop. She heads into the backseat and drives with her foot. She sleeps with him in the backseat.

As he stares at her once he returns home, he sees all three versions of her as she spins around in her robe. She pushes him on the bed and yanks him by the tie. She walks on the bed and kicks him off. Blowing him a kiss, she leaves. She smiles as she puts new sheets on the bed.

Rating: 2/5

The sauna was exactly what Britney Spears needed. She rented it out for the weekend for herself. While at the sauna, she walked around naked, requesting the staff to respect her privacy. It felt good to touch her body again. To her ex-boyfriend, she was the steady person he slept with. He didn’t know her friends and made fun of her parents. It wasn’t until she got a naked photo of another woman on her phone that she suspected he was cheating.

To get back at him, she became the new female co-worker who liked him right away. Then, she rejected his advances. At the restaurant, she was his server and flirted with him. He willingly went with her to kitchen.

However, as his driver, she doesn’t give him a chance to say no. She whispers that it’s he wants. Her boyfriend protests, stating he has a girlfriend. She doesn’t listen. Back at home, he realizes it was her and his face fills with fear. She knocks him over the bed and doesn’t ever see him again.

She’s been single for a month now and she finally feels as though has control in her life again. Some of her friends were shocked to hear what she did. One even accused her of assault. She said was only doing what he did to her. Her friends didn’t ask for anymore details.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2008

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    What a great video “Womanizer” is… One of my absolute favorites. Interesting that there are still people writing reviews about such an old video. Cool!

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