Video Review: Drake “I’m Upset”

A reminder beeps on Jimmy’s (Drake) phone, waking him up. He winces as he gets up and bends over, rubbing his back. He looks at his phone, reading the reminder. It says “High School Reunion 9 p.m.” He guzzles from a bottle of beer and leaves the makeshift bed. The lights turn on in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jimmy tries on a suit and looks in the mirror as the salesman brushes off his shoulders. He drinks some liquor and sets it on the salesman’s tray. Spinner (Shane Kippel) grins at Jimmy as he walks out the dressing room, wearing his new suit. Jimmy nods his head.

Jimmy and Spinner ride together to Degrassi Community School. Jimmy parks his car near the school’s marquee. Paige (Lauren Collins) smiles once she gets out of her car, Marco (Adamo Ruggiero) holds onto Ellie (Stacey Farber)as they laugh. Craig (Jake Epstein) shuts the door of his luxury car. Terri (Christina Schmidt) and Andrea Lewis (Hazel) walk together in the gym. Ashley (Melissa McIntyre) follows Craig around. Ms. Kwan (Linlye Lue) and Snake (Stefan Broegen) talk. Derek (Marc Donato) reaches over Danny (Dalmar Abuzeid) and gives someone a high-five. Connor (A.J. Saudin) nods. J.T. (Jake Goldsbie) is inside the gym but not visible.

Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and Jason Mewes) circle the gym. Drake dances on the steps of the school. Manny (Cassie Steele) puts some money in her bra. Emma (Miriam McDonald) stretches out her blouse fo her. Jimmy poses with some photos of his old classmates by the curtain.

Mia (Nina Dobrev), Jane (Paula Brancati), Sarah Barrable-Tishaur (Liberty), along with Emma, Spinner, Derek, Jay and Silent Bob dance in the hallway. Rick (Ephraim Ellis) runs from Jimmy’s entourage. In a classroom, Silent Bob peeks through the curtains. Jay sells Snake some marijuana. Snake sniffs it and raps a Drake song at his old desk.

Jimmy sits with all his classmates on the bleachers. They drink and dance in their seats. A fight breaks out in the gym. Spinner vomits on the bathroom floor and by the lockers. Mia rides a little kid’s bike down the hallway. Ellie, Paige and Marco copy their butts in the administration office. A couple of classmates sleep together in the bathroom.

Manny and Emma spray paint the lockers.

A fire starts in the gym and everyone runs. Jay stands outside, rapping his song about drugs and beer.

Rating: 5/5

The experimental treatments worked and Jimmy was able to walk again. He was considered a medical marvel and traveled with the doctors to show his progress. During that time, he started to write down verses and perform in small clubs. His fiancée, Trina was proud of him. However, she felt as though she was losing him as he becoming famous. They broke up once he received a record deal.

On social media, he found out Degrassi Community School was having its 10 year reunion for the Class of 2007. He missed the people who he knew him since he was twelve years old. He was Jimmy, the guy they shared notes with in science class.

He watches as Ashley talks Craig’s ear off. Although he dated first, Ashley truly loved Craig. Craig, though, tries to get out of the conversation. However, Craig turns around and Manny’s right there. Ashley glares at her and Craig runs. Jimmy warned his entourage about Rick. Although he is okay now, he can’t really forgive Rick. His current group of friends chase after Rick for almost ending Jimmy’s life.

He waves at Paige. He had run her into on and off in California. He grins as he watches Marco, Ellie and Paige hang out and gossip. Due to Ellie’s intervention, Paige and Marco started speaking again. Paige, after being in California for a while, decides to teach drama and be a mentor to other students. While her acting career didn’t work out, she was able to realize she didn’t need to be famous to be fulfilled.

Hazel hugs him and says she’s been waiting to see him all night. They walk away, hand-in-hand, catching up on lost time.

J.T., although best friends with Emma and Manny, mingles in the crowd without being noticed by anyone.

Director: Karena Evans Year: 2018

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