Video Review: Lisa Stansfield “All Around The World”

In black-and-white, Lisa Stansfield talks to the camera. She closes her eyes and looks down.

She dances as the trees remain in silhouette against a rotating multi-colored sky, which changes from royal blue to orange.

Back in black-and-white, she sits on the steps of her home, wearing a coat, while the rain falls.

A line of men change behind her against a black background while she continues to sing. She turns around and it returns to the forest.

Against the black background, a light shines several men’s faces. In color, she stands by her porch, raising her arms in the pouring rain.

She turns and dances against the multi-colored forest.

Rating: 2/5

Lisa Stansfield draws a line through a phone number in the telephone book. The woman told her no one with her ex-boyfriend’s name lived there. She flips through some old papers and finds a clue as to where he might be. It was an application to a company located in Chicago, Illinois. He had mentioned he had family living in Chicago and wanted to see them more often. She arranges an appointment with her travel agent.

She gives her best friend an update. Her best friend warns her, saying that perhaps he doesn’t want to be found and has moved on. She says his parents loved her. They wanted them to get married. He’ll have no choice but to see her. She squeals. She’s going to see him again.

Getting off the plane, she hails a taxi to her hotel and then heads to his parents’ house. She knocks on the door. A young woman answers the door. She asks if it’s her ex-boyfriend lives there. The young woman says they moved out two years ago. She begins to grill her. However, the young woman tells her she doesn’t know anything.

On the plane ride home, she cries and thinks she won’t ever get her second chance. She opens her mail once she returns home and reads the letter. The private investigator she hired last week found something. She sees the pictures of him going to work and his new house. He carries a baby in his arms. She blinks back tears.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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