Video Review: Martin Garrix & Khalid “Ocean”

Inside a warehouse, Khalid stands on the damp floor, illuminated by icicle laser lights hanging from the ceiling. Martin Garrix and a young woman stand next to each other in a translucent box in the far corner.

Khalid taps his heart and steps into a puddle. Garrix finds himself in same spot by himself, staring at the lights.

Garrix, again alone, presses his hand against the translucent box.

The lights point down to the floor as Khalid walks. Garrix and the young woman walk away from one another inside the box. As the icicle lights flash, Garrix wanders around the warehouse. The lights turn off. The young woman, in silhouette, against a teal shadowy background, touches her hair. She walks by herself in the translucent box.

Garrix reaches for her hand as he walks towards her in the box. Khalid dances over the puddle and touches his heart. Garrix and the young woman continue to look at one another inside the box.

Rating: 2/5

Khalid puts his arm around Martin Garrix’s shoulder and tells him it’s going to be okay. Garrix nods, although he doesn’t it to be true. His girlfriend has been quiet for the past several weeks. Something has been bothering her and she won’t talk about it. While loading the dishwasher, he brought up that she could say what’s on her mind. She closed up the dishwasher and left the room.

He texts her to see how she’s doing at work. She simply answers “okay” or “ugh!” He’s grateful for the acknowledgement but he continues to worry. During her break, she writes that she’s sorry and hopes that he will be able to forgive her. Sitting at his desk, he types in numbers into his reports and reenters them in several times as he wonders what it’s about.

He waits for her at home and pleads her with to tell him. She bursts into tears and says she found out she can’t have any kids. She knows he wants a family and it’s a deal breaker for him. He hugs her and tells her they will work something out. He won’t leave her. She wipes away her tears and tells him she was so scared.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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