Video Review: Logic “Contra”

Logic drives down the street in the city in his BMW. In the backseat, he has piles of money filling up the car. He passes some street art and slows down to let a semi truck through. Money, which flew out of the window, lies on the ground. He speeds up and puts his head out the window as he steers.

He walks into a warehouse and stands by a pile of money. He crosses his arms across his chest.

Back in the car, he tosses the money out onto the street. Children run to pick it up.

Logic dances in a hallway of neon signs reading “Bobby Boy” in scarlet red and “Midnight’ lit in aqua.

Inside the warehouse, he flicks his lighter and sets the money on fire. A man wears a gas mask.

In the hallway, a young man guards the building. The children watch the money burn.

Logic pulls half of his body out of the car as he drives.

He throws some more money over his head as he runs across the burning pile.

Rating: 0/5

Logic no longer has to look at the prices before he buys. He can write the check for the amount or click “buy” on the computer, knowing he’ll have plenty to cover him until the next two weeks. With his first six-figure check, he bought a new car and put a down payment on a mansion.

His extended family, concerned about his spending, recommend he save it. Logic shrugged their advice and bought himself a second home to prove them wrong. After numerous fights with family members, he cut them off and told them not to expect a dime from him. They told him it wasn’t about the money.

He visits low-income areas, taunting the people he passes with his luxury car. He allows his money to be tossed away and laughs as the children, who often go hungry, race to get to it. He stops at a warehouse, where he stores some of his money and lights a match to it. The children look on, knowing it could’ve helped them.

Logic drives away without a second thought. The people in the community are undeserving of his wealth. They haven’t put in the effort like he did to get out and expect handouts.

Director: Mike Holland  Year: 2018


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