Video Review: Fine Young Cannibals “Good Thing”

In black-and-white, Roland turns his head as he stands on the sidewalk. The A41 Eagles and Jokers ride through London together. A scooter stands on the sidewalk.

Several men fix their tires before taking off. Two men stand by their scooters. Andy and David play their instruments. A man sits on his scooter.

By the building, Roland sings into the microphone. He claps.

The clubs meet in the diner to eat. Andy, Roland and David laugh in their booths as a young man walks inside.

They park on the sidewalk, where the Fine Young Cannibals are playing. A father and daughter sit on their scooter. The men stop to adjust their wheels. They sit and talk with each other. They take turns riding down the street.

The daughter dances by the wall.

Roland leans against the wall, his hands in his pockets, talking with one of the bikers.

Rating: 2/5

The A41 Eagles gather together in a parking lot in London. The men catch up with each other as they wait for the others arrive. Some men suggest a diner to eat at later. The daughter of a man learns to turn in the parking lot. She hugs some of the men and they ask her about school.

About a dozen of the members of have been active since driving age. While they liked the freedom the scooters gave them on the road, it was solitary for them. During their weekend trips, they enjoyed their fresh air and noticed the growth of their city.

At the diner, the servers say hello them as they walk in and ask them how their ride was. They talk about new models they saw in scooter magazines. Usually, one man would hold court as he told a horror story of he almost got hit. For the young man and his daughter, it was their bonding time. They attended multiple rallies and even helped charities.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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