Video Review: Little Big Town “Summer Fever”

Karen rides her bike in the street around the beach town in the early morning.

Kimberly, Karen, Jim and Phillip walk on the boardwalk and watch the sunset.

Kimberly rounds the corner on her ride and smiles at Karen. Phillip and Jim ride ahead of them.

By the pool, Karen presses the button on the stereo to play a compact disc. Jim stands next to her, leaning against the railing of the pool and holding his drink.

Phillip and Jim play their guitars together on the beach while the sun sets.

Kimberly and Karen dance together at the bar. Kimberly sits in a wicker chair. She throws her head back and laughs.

They jump up and down as the fireworks go off above them. Phillip plays his guitar while at the bar. Karen leans into Jim as she dances to the music. They gaze into one another’s eyes.

On the boardwalk, they watch as the geese fly.

Rating: 4/5

Karen types information into a form and sends it to her boss. From the kitchen window, the sun light streams into the room and she closes her laptop. Deciding to take a break, she eats her lunch on the picnic table and waves to her neighbors. She texts her husband, Jim and tells him she’s counting down the hours until 4 p.m.

On Saturday, she rides her bike into the town. It’s the start of the summer season and the roads will be jam packed with tourists arriving. Her best friend, Kimberly calls “hello” to her and joins her. Karen grins as she sees Kimberly’s wine glass in her basket. Phillip and her husband, Jim catch up with them after morning ride. Kimberly looks over at the crowded beach and suggests going to the pool at the club instead.

At the club, they drink margaritas and swim for most of the afternoon. Jim and Karen lie next together, enjoying their time without the kids. Jim tells her their daughter will be coming home next weekend. Karen says she’s glad they picked today to hang out.

After snoozing on the lounge chairs, they take a walk on the boardwalk and unpack their lunches. They pass the side dishes to one another and dance to the music. Kimberly exclaims there’s a party going on at the bar and they should go.

Jim and Karen dance together and cuddle at the bar. Kimberly says they are just like teenagers. They’ve been married for nearly 20 years now. However, with their kids grown and in college, they have rediscovered each other again. Kimberly downs her fourth glass of wine and grabs a young man by the arm. Jim and Karen laugh as Kimberly dances. Phillip dances with a young woman and waves to his best friends.

Director: Michael Monaco Year: 2018

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