Video Review: Martika “Martika’s Kitchen”

Against a red curtain, Martika sits on a lavender recliner. Lit in scarlet, her boyfriend dances on stage. She opens her kitchen window, her hair in rollers and gasps. Painted on the house is “Martika’s Kitchen.” She lies next to a series of burning candles.

Inside her kitchen, she stands by a steaming pot on the stove. She opens the door to an endless orange hallway. She stirs the soup in the pot and stretches out on the kitchen table, eating the fruit. She serves her dinner guests and says she’ll right back. She opens her oven and sees the roses decorating the corners.

She dances by the stove and her boyfriend puts his arms around her. She bends her back as they and drops a dish on the floor. They walk into the dining room, where the band plays. She sings with them for a few minutes.

On stage, a young man dabs Martika’s skin. To the right of her, a second man looks away. Two men bend down on the floor, dusting off her clothes. She tosses lavender petals in the air and dances with them.

In the dining room, she sits on a chair while her boyfriend lies on the table, moving towards her. She stares into a mirror as she walks around. She and her boyfriend dance together on the table.

The curtain closes after she sings by her kitchen window. She peeks through, holding a tube of frosting and smiling.

Rating: 2/5

Martika takes a bite of her pot roast and laughs. She exclaims that it’s so cold and says, with a wink to her boyfriend that she’s going to have to reheat it. Her boyfriend gives her a kiss and tells he’s has no energy left. He walks to the microwave in his underwear and sets the timer on the microwave. She jokes, telling him, “so be that way” and then prepares her dish.

She and her boyfriend usually get carryout. After working all day, neither feel like cooking. She had the afternoon day off and decided to surprise him with his favorite dinner. He never ordered it out, saying her preferred it homemade. She was an okay cook. However, she wanted to do something special for him.

Once he came home from the bank, he called out from the family room that “it smells good in here.” He walked into the kitchen and then kissed her on the neck. She told him she can’t. She’s making dinner. He switches off the stove and tells her the food can wait.

Two hours later, he compliments her on her pot roast and says she’s improving. While taking a bite of pie, she says thanks and feeds him some of her dessert. He leans over her and she squeals as they land on the floor.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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