Video Review: Corey Hart “Never Surrender”

Corey Hart sits on his bed, his head in his hands. The thunder claps as he lifts his head and stares at a photo of his family. He takes his coat and looks around his room. While he puts on his coat, he watches the lightning flash in the night sky. He takes the photo and walks down the stairs. His baby sister watches him leave.

He shivers in the back of a pick-up truck as the rain continues to pour. He notices one of the men laughing at him and he asks to be dropped off. He stands on the shoulder of the road, hitching another ride. Another man stops for him and he gets inside.

In the early morning, the man lets him off in the city. He walks inside the Crest Grill and is kicked out by the owner. In the evening, he passes by liquor stores further into the rougher part of the city. Prostitutes smirk once they see him.

He sits on the bed inside his motel room and he puts his shakes his body back and forth, his hand over his face. A few months ago, his father pointed his finger at him as he yelled at him at the dinner table. Hart had left as his father hurled insults. He takes the family photo of his pocket.

Hart performs on stage at an underground club.

Rating: 4/5

Hart tells the local reporter he needs a minute. The reporter, sips her drink and folds her arms across the table. She says for him to take his time. After eating in silence for several minutes, he says he couldn’t stay at home anymore. His father was a mean drunk who called him worthless every day. After one of his father’s tirades, he checked on his sister and stayed up all night, worried.

With only a family photo in his hand, he left the house around midnight and looked at his room one last time. He knew he wouldn’t ever be back. But he didn’t think he was going to make it first night alone, either. The guys he hitched with creeped him out. They seemed to be circling the same area over and over again. The men seemed to take pleasure as he froze.He made up an excuse to get out. He tried getting warm at a restaurant but the owner told him he couldn’t stay all day.

However, he rented a room next door to a club and then started visiting there every night. First, it was to medicate himself. But the owner soon took him into his home. The owner threw away his beer bottles and gave him a guitar. Through the owner, he became a part of a rock and began to play. The band became of the premiere acts and they were getting booked all over the States. A stop in California had led to a solo record deal.

As far as he knows, his mother and sister are okay. They write to him every so often. They tell him not to write back. His father will only burn his letters. Hart hopes his mother and sister will escape him one day.

The reporter turns off her recorder and wipes a tear away from her face.

Director: Rob Quartly Year: 1985


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