Video Review: Madison Beer “Home With You”

In the bathroom, Madison Beer rolls her shoulder.

Outside her neighborhood, a dog climbs the steps. People talk as they walk on the sidewalk. A young man speeds by on his skateboard.

Standing in the middle of a half-pipe while two young men skate past her. She rides her bike in the street.

Inside a boxing gym, a young woman tapes her hands. Back in her bathroom, she fixes her bangs while she looks into the mirror. On a home video, she moves her lips and reveals a “honey” tattoo. The young woman punches the speedbag.

She dances on stage inside an auditorium as the spotlight follows her. The grey colors blend and change to a group of men riding their motorcycles. Focusing on the blue from the sky, the color blends again and a second young man turns his head as he waits at a traffic light.

She dances on stage, against a golden tinsel curtain. In the city, two young men carry their boombox as they walk past the liquor stores and graffitied buildings. Four women dance in a warehouse.

At night, a third young man in a car does donuts in a parking lot. A couple of men play pool at a dive bar. A second young woman walks to them, smiling with her cup of beer. A couple argues outside.

A couple of young men break dance in the park.

She dances on stage. The colors blend and then break apart.

Rating: 1/5

Madison Beer checks her meter and adds some extra change. Her class is over for the day and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her afternoon on the expressway. She puts her books in her car and decides to walk around the city.

She hangs out a skate park, watching the young men perform tricks. One young man winks at her and she rolls her eyes. Another street over, she watches an unofficial break dance contest in a park. She asks them how long they’ve been dancing. They show her how to perform some of the moves. She laughs as she tries to rolls on the pavement.

She stops at the local Coney Island restaurant and orders cheese fries for dinner. From the window, she watches people walk their dogs and roller skate in the park. She reads her song lyrics in her notebook as she prepares for her performance. At 8:00 p.m., she pays her bill and leaves the diner and heads towards the bar.

The bouncer greets her and tells her she has an hour before the show. While the crowd drinks beer and plays pool, she sings. She faces the side of the stage to ease her nerves. She thanks them and hopes for an agent to approach her. She posts video of it on her Youtube channel and waits for the comments. In a half year, she’ll have enough money from advertising to cover at least one textbook for class. While at the bar, she answers comments and creates a blanket direct message to all her followers on social media. She’s almost a Youtube star. However, she’s thinking of rebranding.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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