Video Review: Guy “Let’s Chill”

In the office, Teddy tells his secretary to “hold all calls.” After hanging up the phone, he suggests to the group that one more song is needed. Damion, sitting across from him, tells him they need some time off from dealing with the new album. He reiterates that are already 14 songs ready for the album. Teddy grabs his jacket and shakes Aaron’s hand. Teddy says he’s going to write some more once he gets home. Damion says goodbye to Aaron, who has remained silent. Aaron turns around in his chair.

Aaron, Teddy and Damion sing in their office.

Aaron and his girlfriend ride their motorcycles on the sandy road.

A young woman dances behind Teddy, Damion and Aaron as they perform in their office.

At home, Teddy’s girlfriend feeds some an early bite of dinner. Coated with a tawny filter, Damion plays the guitar in the office. A man plays guitar leans against a wall inside an apartment while a second young woman dances in front of him. Teddy leans against the brick columns of the office building as he sings.

Teddy’s girlfriend brings him a plate of dinner as he plays on the piano. He turns it down.

Coated with a tawny filter, Teddy, Damion and Aaron sing in the park,

At a restaurant, Damion and his female acquaintance clink their champagne glasses. A second young woman drops her yellow handkerchief. Damion picks it up for her. Teddy’s girlfriend sulks in the family room and glares at him while he plays. Damion and the second young woman have their first date a bowling alley. He bowls a strike and her ball goes into the gutter. He teaches her how to throw the ball.

Aaron’s female neighbor knocks on his apartment door, explaining she’s locked out. He lets her inside. Her robe gets caught on the chair and he tries to help her. However, his girlfriend walks by the door and shakes her head.

Teddy shows his girlfriend his song, saying it’s for her. Coated with a tawny filter, they continue to sing in the office. The female neighbor runs up to Aaron’s girlfriend the next morning and taps her on the shoulder. She explains what happened. They laugh.

Aaron sings to his girlfriend standing next to him at the brick column.

Coated in the tawny filter, they watch as the young woman dances in their office.

Rating: 1/5

Teddy admits he’s a workaholic. He also expects the same level of commitment from the people in his life. Damion and Aaron push back, letting him know they have lives. However, his girlfriend often experiences the brunt of it. She tries to tear him away from the piano to spend time with her. But he says he has to work. Not wanting to upset him, she sits in the family room, her teeth clenched. She’ll shoot nasty looks at him.

Aaron can’t seem to get his girlfriend to trust him. Every phone call and note is scrutinized and he has learned to answer in the definitive. A gray answer likely would lead to a fight and he wants to appease her. He says want she wants to hear. One morning, a female neighbor asked him for help and before she left with her spare key, her robe got tangled. They tried pulling it off. His girlfriend walked in and glowered at both of them. His neighbor tells him not to worry. She’ll explain things. After work, his girlfriend said she spoke to the neighbor and everything was okay. She was forcing a smile and nonchalant. Aaron knows he broke the trust between them in some way.

Damion, though, is in the honeymoon phase of his new relationship. He comes to the studio, gushing about his girlfriend and telling them he taught her how to bowl. He says they are planning to join a league. Damion thinks he has found his future wife. Aaron and Teddy exchange glances and congratulate him. They both think Damion hasn’t seen his girlfriend’s irrational side yet.

Director: N/A Year: 1991


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