Video Review: Halsey & Lauren Jauregui “Strangers”

Halsey tosses and turns in her bed. She leans on her elbows and stares at the window from the bed. She stands up and walks.

Wearing a red robe, Halsey, her coaches and entourage wait in the hallway of the gym.

On the opposite side, wearing white, Lauren Jauregui pumps her gloves together as her entourage shields her while they walk down the hallway. A member of Halsey’s entourage makes a slit throat gesture with his finger as they get closer to the ring.

Jauregui sits in the ring on her stool, waiting. Her coach massages her shoulders. Halsey stares right at her as she sits on her side. A coach pats her face with a towel, A member of Jauregui’s crew holds up a glass of liquor. The timekeeper rings the bell and the bout starts.

They sidestep one another. Jauregui taps her gloves together and throws a few hits over Halsey’s head. Halsey aims for Jauregui’s face. Halsey ducks Jauregui’s punches. Halsey gets her Jauregui’s forehead. However, Jauregui’s hit causes Halsey to lean on the mat for balance.

From Jauregui’s section, Halsey’s ex-boyfriend watches her. During the next round, Jauregui knocks her onto the floor. She coughs up blood as she gets up. Jauregui knocks her onto the ropes. Halsey’s ex-boyfriend calls out to her, shaking the rope. Halsey hits Jauregui on her jaw, sending her to the floor. Halsey is declared the winner.

After the match, Halsey’s ex-boyfriend meets her by the empty ring. He gazes at her and she gives him the other half of her necklace.

Rating: 2/5

Being on the run was no longer sustainable. She had zero savings and her friends were too far away. While wandering the street, she had opened the door of a boxing gym and slept inside for the night. The owner recognized her. She held her breath, waiting for him to call the police. But he never did.

During the day, she cleaned the speedbags and the showers in the locker room. At night, she pulled a blanket over herself as she slept on the mat. On a break, she had been hitting the speedbag and the owner asked her if she wanted to learn. She nodded her head yes.

Within six months, he had turned her into a championship fighter. Her criminal past was erased as people rallied around her. People were finally listening to her story and realizing she had no blood on her hands. Her manager sets her up with her opponent, Lauren Jauregui. Jauregui had been her friend not that long ago. At one point, there seemed to be something more between them. However, it was a one-sided crush. Although curious, Halsey was involved with her ex-boyfriend at the time.

Knocking out Jauregui was finishing a chapter in her life. She was no longer the young woman chasing after her ex-boyfriend and taking the fall for his crimes. Her boyfriend meets up with her after the match and asks her if she’s okay. She says she’s fine and hands him the second half of his necklace. It doesn’t mean anything to her anymore.

Director:s: Jessie Hill & Halsey Year: 2018


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