Video Review: Bon Jovi “Never Say Goodbye”

A single light shines on Jon as he strums his guitar in a stadium filled with millions of people.

Lit in royal blue, Tico plays the drums. Above him, he smiles in a black-and-white photo for elementary school. Wearing a gray suit, a little eight-year-old Richie frowns on picture day. However, he smiles with Santa and proudly displays his bike on Christmas Day.

Jon continues to play guitar on stage. It’s duplicated in the square, which features the childhood photos. As a five-year-old, he looks up at the light to camera. By eight, he’s riding his bike in front of his dad’s car. At 12 years year old, he wears a suit and poses next to a tree before the formal event. He plays guitar on his bed as a teenager.

His face sweaty, Jon grins as he points to the front row. In an aged photo, he wears a Cub Scout uniform and pouts. As a six-year-old, he’s dressed as a cowboy as he stands in front of the television.

As David plays guitar, he thinks while he sits on Santa lap in a photo above him.

The light shines on the fans who raise their arms.

At about 17 years old, he sits in class in a black-and-white photo and then plays his first gig. In the second set of photos, he grows out his hair for a headshot and stands with his wife.

On stage, Jon holds his guitar in line with his chest. He holds the microphone to him and pumps his arm. Above him, he smiles as he wears a hat.

The band thanks the audience and says goodnight after the show.

Jon nods his head while a crane lifts him up from the stage. He looks over the audience and lands on another part of the stage. Two crew members reach for the rope. Jon aims the microphone to the audience. He holds the guitar to his face.

Rating: 1/5

Jon Bon Jovi vomits in a bucket between sets and then downs another bottle of beer. His voice hoarse, he calls out to Richie and asks if anyone has seen his wife. His assistant hands him a towel but he tosses it. He groans as nausea hits him again. His wife walks into the dressing room and puts a wash cloth over his forehead. He thanks her and gives her a kiss.

The final two weeks of the tour have been dragging. He has tried to keep up the energy he had from the beginning. However, he has begun to slow down. It has been three months straight of drinking and partying all night. His body has reached its point of exhaustion. He moans and asks how much longer. His wife says there is only a half hour left and then he’s done. He asks his wife to take him back to the hotel afterwards. He wants to sleep all night.

Their manager tells them it’s time to go back on stage. Richie takes one final swig of his beer, David hugs a groupie, Tico walks in silence and Jon stumbles. He apologizes to Tico as he nearly trips over him.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 1987


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