Video Review: Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj “the light is coming”

An unseen person carries a flashlight as they search the forest. They pass some thorny weeds and then focus on Nicki Minaj. She cocks her head as the fog curls around her feet and covers her. Behind her, Ariana Grande holds a beaded crystal ball and moves it over her head. She bends down on the mud, lets the crystal ball roll and taps the ground.

She walks on some ashen branches and glances over her shoulder. She runs to a tree stump and arches her back while she sits. She gets up and then faces a section of trees. Thin laser red lights flash as the area turns scarlet. She pulls her ponytail and dances.

The lights turn off and she sits next to a thorny weed. She rolls her head and then walks into frozen images of herself. She skips to another corner. In the section, several versions of herself dance.

She watches as thin red laser lights and turns around. She flips her ponytail as she walks between clear floating lights. The thin red laser lights flash once she pauses and then she walks into the section.

Rating: 3/5

The depraved forest lured in Ariana Grande. Her friends and family had cautioned her to avoid it. However, she walked the past do not trespass sign and then slept on the ashen ground. The moans and screams of death were a whisper to her. She prayed for the souls who had left too soon. They were cheated out of their young lives. It was a perpetual night with only brief of sparks of light.

Within the shadows, she discovered tigers burrowing by the cliff, sleeping and bands of ragtag squirrels hiding behind stumps. Most of the animals were harmless and seemed to view her as a guide as she navigated the winding trail. She had flinched once she encountered a tiger. However, it had yawned once it seen her and flipped over on its belly. In the distance, she heard gunshots and held onto the tiger. No where was safe. Nonetheless, the isolated forest, seemed to be the only place she felt at home.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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