Video Review: Céline Dion “Love Can Move Mountains”

A choir raises their arms as Céline Dion sings the solo in a forest. She rips off her jacket, revealing a leopard print bra top and starts to dance. She ruffles her hair and skips into the city square.

A man roller skates, playing his peppermint candy cane painted guitar. From the fire escape, she watches a second man break dance. A mime dances. She puts a hat on a fiftysomething man. Two siblings ride their bike together.

In the park, various people in the bleachers watch her play basketball against several muscled men. She hangs out by the street art.

In black-and-white, she twirls an eight-year-old and gives her a hug as they walk on the sidewalk. She checks a man’s chiseled abs and laughs at a man pretending to be a robot.

In black-and-white, the choir walks on the grass towards the square. They clap their hands and dance as the background changes to color. A twentysomething young, wearing a bikini and shorts, roller skates by the basketball court. Dion links arms with male bodybuilders. A sixtysomething man puts his straw hat on her head.

The mime pretends to drink and burp. In black-and-white, she dances by the bleachers. Back in color, she continues to dance by the street art. She exchanges high-fives with the basketball players. A young man helps her get off the ground on the basketball court. She stops to say hello to one of the bodybuilders in the square.

Rating: 3/5

Céline Dion finishes practices her solo with the community choir. She asks for feedback. One young woman suggests she needs to work on breath control. The director says for her to try again from the bridge. She sings the bridge and comments that it didn’t still sound right to her. Her friends in the choir tell her she was perfect.

After practice, one of her friends invites her to a pick-up basketball game. She says she’ll go. In the casual game, she plays against several men who pass her ball and cheer her on. She apologizes for the air balls and they tell her it’s all right. She sips some water and a bodybuilder flexes his muscles next to her. He winks at her and she nearly chokes on her water. She shakes his hand and introduces herself. They chat about the weather and their favorite diners in the area. She gives him her phone number.

As she walks home, she waves to the sixtysomething man and his wife who live next door to her in her building. She runs into one of her friends from class and they discuss the last test. She skips into her apartment and listens to her messages on her answering machine. The bodybuilder had called her, asking her out on a date. She squeals and calls him back.

Director: Jeb Brian Year: 1992

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