Video Review: OneRepublic & Logic “Start Again”

Ryan, wearing a gas mask, searches for the exit of a dilapidated building. Pieces from a plastic bag fall as he steps into a puddle. Piles of garbage fill the street.  Zach, Drew, Brent and Eddie emerge from the stacked piles and they all take off their masks.

As they walk, they pass a foundation of a school and wipe their muddy faces. They enter the building. Drew, Zach, Brent and Eddie look through the bus for scraps. Plastic bags hang from the ceiling. They take the plastic bags off over the chairs and began to look through the cabinets. Ryan finds a controller and presses the button. Logic appears as a hologram. They listen to him. Ryan puts his hand through the hologram and then it shuts off.

Ryan taps a flashlight and he turns around to see the military aiming their guns. They all raise their hands and the military leads them out of the building. Ryan watches a bomb blast another building and he closes his eyes.

Six months ago, he was looking outside the window of his home. Across the street from him was a family owned cafe. He passes by the television, which reports that “global warming is beyond the point of no return” and “nuclear war edges closer.”

Rating: 5/5

Ryan should’ve left for the border once he saw the news report that nuclear war was imminent. Online, he tweeted his support for science and tried to stay informed on current reports. Eddie, though, who had protested and marched had given up. He saw nothing changing. Drew and Brent simply believed a nuclear wouldn’t happen. Zach had taken a news break and deleted various apps on his phone. His anxiety was out of control and it was best for his mental health not to read.

His friends had urged him to leave. A year ago, they had begun their paperwork and stated he needed to have an alternate plan in place. He believed they were being paranoid. Once they had place across the border, they left. Two months later, the first bomb dropped in Chicago. Martial law was declared. He grabbed all his belongings and got into his car. The expressways were jammed and the military had blocked certain exits. Checkpoints had been inserted through the counties and he watched from his car as people were led away.

He drove back home, shaking and turned on the news. Bombs were dropping every day, destroying cities. The death toll was climbing and the press had been shut down. A nuclear blast then hit the United States. Ryan, Drew, Brent, and Eddie had survived, huddled in an abandoned home.

However, the military was rounding up survivors. There was no one to ask for help. As the military put them on the bus, they sat in silence and prayed.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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