Video Review: Alesso & Roy English “Cool”

A bespectacled young man (Alesso) rides his bicycle to the high school. Wearing a red sweater vest and khaki pants, he stares at the popular girls chatting by the lockers. He watches a couple make out and enters his first period class.

He sits at the desk, his hand on cheek, as he listens to the lesson. His history teacher asks anyone had questions. He leaps out his chair and dances in front of her and the class. He continues to dance down the hallway and dips a broom. Confetti flies out of the lockers as he raises his arms.

In the cafeteria, three students watch him as he dances on the tables. He thrusts his hips in a biology classroom and steam rises from the laboratory flasks.

A male teacher passes him a book in the library about dance. He dances on the bleachers. During his study hour, he reads the Joy of Dance and watches musicals in the library. The male teacher shows him how to tap his chest. He dances in the locker room and the gym.

He snores as he sleeps on the shelf, dreaming of his history teacher. In her classroom, she takes off her clothes and dances in lacy underwear. He wakes up and leaves for home.

At Homecoming, he arrives, contacts in his eyes, and moves through the crowd. He points to his teacher and starts to dance with her. The popular girls grin at him and his classmates clap for him. His history teacher kisses him but he turns away and leaves.

Rating: 3/5

The young man had his choice of women. The popular girls hung onto his every word and one of his teachers was fired for hitting on him. The jocks talked to him in the hallway and invited him to their parties. The shy girls blushed as he walked past them. The Homecoming King title was inevitable,

However, he had been ignored up until his junior year. The only person who acknowledged him and made him feel special was his history teacher. They ate lunch together and talked. She was frustrated with her life. After school, she worked a second job at a retail store to pay the bills. Sometimes, he’d visit her at her second job and buy some shoes from her. His mother, though, noticing the stack of shoes piling up, told him to stop wasting his money and save up for things he actually needs. He wanted to help her and it was the only way he knew how.

The drama teacher had taken him under his wing and taught him how to dance. Dancing had become his new outlet. Once he learned the moves, his awkwardness went away. He was confident and realized he was somewhat athletic.

His teacher confessed her love for him. He told her they couldn’t act on it. He was only 17 years old and it was a crime. She continued to pursue him. A jealous fit towards his age appropriate girlfriend had ended her career. He texted her sometimes to check on her. While waiting for his girlfriend at the mall, he would run into her. They’d talk about the weather yet avoid the topic of where they stood.

As he sits with the jocks and popular girls at lunch, he thinks of her while they talk about the football game. Life was much simpler then. Classes go by slowly. He parties on the weekends and barely does his homework anymore. Without his history teacher being there, high school isn’t the same.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2015

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