Video Review: Janelle Monáe “I Like That”

Janelle Monáe, wearing a Dead Lotus Couture headpiece and a heavy, black robe stands in the center of a movie theater. Doves fly over her.

She sits in one of the seats, wearing a white trenchoat, Next to her, several versions of herself swing their arms or dance in their seats. Two versions of herself wearing a white pantsuit with a silver triangular-shaped body piece over the shirt, sit next to her.

Two versions of herself, wearing the Dead Lotus Couture headpiece, stand in the center of the movie theater.

She stretches out in the rainforest, lying on an oiled tree limb while two women sit next to her. A peacock spreads its feathers.

Lying in a bathtub on a royal blue carpet in the forest, she sits up and wags her finger. Flamingos walk by her. She rests her head on the back of the bathtub.

Rating: 3/5

Janelle Monáe downloads some indie music onto her phone and then binges 80s sitcoms. In between, she pauses the television and writes down notes regarding the style. She stops the program for two hours to finish writing a song. At 10 p.m., she watches the last half of her favorite childhood cartoon.

After waking up in the morning, she changes out of her discount store pajamas and heads to the grocery store. Hair sticking out and wearing minimal makeup, she inspects the cans and puts them in her cart. People stare at her and she waves at them.

She returns home and realizes she wants to go out somewhere. She grabs her keys and drives to the art musuem. Sitting down, she reads for a bit and jots down notes. One of the tour guides asks her if she’s okay. She answers yes. She’s simply taking in the creativity of the place. The tour guides nods but she sees him roll his eyes as he walks away. She curses him underneath her breath. All her life, she has been judged as eccentric and antisocial for what she likes. However, she is who she is. Sometimes she likes to be alone and talk to no one for a day. It’s peaceful for her. It gives her time to think. She’d rather not waste time with people who conform and live their lives according to a magazine column. She thinks for herself.

Director: Lacey Duke Year: 2018

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