Video Review: Maroon 5 “Three Little Birds”

Against a cheery, enlarged postcard, stating “Wish you were here! Maroon 5,” the band performs on a sandy stage. A crab crawls by Adam. A jellyfish lies on a rock.

Mickey and Jesse dissolve into sand. Water drenches Adam and he becomes a liquid skeleton. A blanket is thrown over James. Leaves fly by PJ and he transforms into tree. As a tree, he dances on a pile of leaves against a navy blue background. Another figure, made of water, sweeps part of its arm into the water as it dances against a fiery orange sun.  A second figure, made of twine, spins against a black background with balls of yarn hanging in the center.

A third figure, lined with maroon coated arms on its steel body, dances against a pitch black background. A fourth figure, a multi-colored figure, swirls in loops. A figure, made of sparks, pumps his arms. A figure, made entirely of tiny cars, separates. Inside the series of cars are multi-colored skeletons listening to the radio.

An invisible person with a towel  to create a human shape staggers around. A figure, made of rope, moves its arms. A second invisible person with a towel dances along with its partner. A figure made of fire drops blobs of jelly from its skeleton on the floor as it dances. A figure, made of fog, kicks it foot.

The band continues to play in human form.

Rating: 1/5

The trip to Jamaica had been cancelled. However, after bragging about it on social media, he had to cut some corners. He googled pictures for days and then used Photoshop to create a postcard. Mickey found a stage to rent and James collected sand. For several hours, the band poured sand on the floor of the stage.

He snapped a photo of the band standing against the postcard with the hashtag #wishyouwerehere and posted it on Instagram. He asked people to respect their privacy. With no pictures to show, he posted that it was raining all the time and they had to stay in their air-conditioned hotel for most of the time. Then, he turned comments off.

In various posts, Adam says he’s swimming in the ocean and talks about meeting a lovely seamstress who designs purses. James puts a towel over himself and writes that he can’t take the heat. PJ says he’s relaxing by some palm trees.

Their Instagram feed  blows up with traffic and gets featured in several articles in major magazines about summer vacations.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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