Video Review: Shania Twain “From This Moment On”

Shania Twain runs her hand over her cheek inside an aquamarine painted home. In the hallway, she wraps the cape of her turtleneck velour dress around her. She attaches her train to her hair and reaches out with her hands. She lifts up her cape again, spreading it out and shakes the handle of a door to the right. She looks at the handle as she tries to open the door on the left.

She continues to walk down the spiraling hallway and leans against the wall. She sees another door on the right and unlocks it. Walking on the staircase, she smiles as she watches the members play in the corners. She puts her hand on her heart as she walks towards the conductor.

She walks past him on the center platform and spreads out her cape again. She stands on the round platform and lifts her cape to her left side of her. Holding up her cape again, she looks up while standing on the round platform in the silent concert hall.

Rating: 2/5

Shania Twain had the castle all to herself. Her husband, the prince, was away at a Parliament meeting. She had instructed her maid she wanted to explore her new home. She mentioned the tower. The maid instructed her many of the rooms remained locked due to a shameful history. She prodded the maid to tell her more. However, the maid cleaned up the table.

With the remnants of her former life gone, she searched for places to call her own. As she walked further up the tower, she listened to the poetic strings of the violins and was enchanted. She closed her eyes and imagined herself back home in her modest family room, the record player spinning her mother’s vintage albums.

Unlocking the door, she discovered an entire orchestra rehearsing in a private concert hall. A charity ball was scheduled for tomorrow which she and the prince were hosts. As a woman of reasonable means, she had only been able to donate only $5 at a time to non-profits. Volunteering was the only way she knew how to give back. Her dreams had been simple. Meeting the prince at a soup kitchen, though, had given her pause.

She initially turned him down. Although she hadn’t heard a bad word about him, her opinion was divided on royalty. She liked watching it from afar. However, to become apart of it was akin to joining the circus. He gave her time and introduced her slowly into his life. The Queen, during their first family dinner, had welcomed her with open arms. Four years later, her wedding to him was televised and watched by millions all over the world. Every day was a now an unlikely dream.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 1999


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