Video Review: Big Time Rush “Windows Down”

In Maui, Hawaii, James raises his head from his beach towel as the sun rises and starts to laugh. He taps Logan on the hand to wake him up. Kendall and Carlos turn to look at him.

They kayak as “woo hoo” is stenciled on screen. Carlos dives into the water. They create a chain of their kayaks and stretch out their hands to stay afloat.

They take a group photo of their phone with their girlfriends and speed down the road near the ocean.  Their girlfriends chase him by the mountains. Logan, Carlos, Kendall and James hold their anchors while they snorkel under the sea. Logan, Carlos, Kendall and James leap off a cliff and into the water.

At a pit stop, they hug the people they talked to at the rest stop. They stand on a tree limb and wait for dessert at the Twin Falls Farm Stand. Carlos put a tip in the jar. James pretends to eat an entire pineapple whole. Kendall writes on the beach.

Logan, Carlos, Kendall, James and their girlfriends point at the rainbow while standing by a stop sign. They and their girlfriends hike in the forest. In their swim trunks and bikinis, they create a chain as they walk to the waterfall. They play chicken near the waterfall.

At night, they play Slip ‘N Slide, They dance afterwards.

Rating: 1/5

Logan puts his phone on do not disturb and pops an aspirin. He should’ve taken another day off. In between calls, he checks his text messages, Kendall sent him a nauseous emoji. His girlfriend asks him how he’s feeling and says she called into work. James sends him some photos.

In a secret Facebook group, they share indiscreet photos from the trip to Hawaii. Carlos’ girlfriend comes by his cubicle and groans. She says she drank too much and her body still hurts from the Slip ‘N Slide. They chat for ten minutes while the phones ring. Online, they make vague references to their trip and tag one another in a series of posts.

If it weren’t for the photos, Logan wouldn’t have remembered most of it. He was drunk for most of it and apparently friended a bunch of strangers on his social media. They post on his wall and say it was great meeting them. He thinks the people helped give them directions. He shrugs as he deletes them.

Returning home from work, he opens a can of beer. His girlfriend calls out “hi!” as she opens the door and sets some groceries on the table. They make out.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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