Video Review: Chris Brown “Hope You Do”

In black-and-white, Chris Brown puts on his fedora as he stands on the staircase. An elevator moves up to the second floor. He dances outside the offices with their oval windows with two other women. Walking to the next platform, he swings his hips as two women jerk their arms.

He leans against the brick wall of the building.

The two women follow him as he walks down the staircase. On the second floor, a young woman straddles him and he lifts her up. The screen tilts. He leans on the railing to watch a woman dance.

On the first floor, he and several women continue the routine in the hallway. Hand in pocket, he walks out of the building.

He wanders around in an expressway tunnel. Several women walk with him in the middle of the road. The women pose, waiting for their turn. One woman tips her hat as she leans against the tiles of the tunnel. He flips his hat. The screen tilts to the side.

Rating: 3/5

Chris Brown smokes on his cigarette as he walks back home from the local jazz club. The evening had been quiet. The police didn’t knock down the doors, demanding that everyone leave and threatening to shut them down. The raids had begun in the beginning the year. The club owners had promised to stand against the raids and remain open,

He had been arrested on one such occasion. A single drink in his hand caused him to be held in jail for the night. However, he continues to go back. People have asked him if he’s worried. He tells them no. Whatever little money he has, he spends it at the club. All day, he toils at the factory for 12 hours and without any opportunity for a better job, he sees no way out. The club allows him to get through the work week. It’s the only time he gets to hear the music.

Directors: Daniel CZ & Chris Brown Year: 2018

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