Video Review: Keri Hilson “Energy”

Keri Hilson sits by a locker and spreads her arms against the chipped, white painted wall of the locker room. She lies underneath the speed bag and sits in the boxing ring. She punches the speed bag and bends over as she catches breath.

At her home, she sits next to her boyfriend on the couch. He points the remote to her. She puts her feet on his lap and pushes them away.

She gives him a massage in the locker room. In the boxing ring, they play spar and she straddles him by the ropes. She jump ropes and does push-ups. While they spar, he hits her on the cheek and she punches him in the stomach. He yells at her stop. They begin to argue.

In the locker room, he helps her wrap her wrist. She leans against the fan. She and her teammate box during practice.

At home, she shoves him against the wall. She knocks out teammate in the ring. Back at home, he touches her chin and she leaves.

Rating: 2.5/5

Keri Hilson won another match. It was her fourth win in a row since breaking up with her boyfriend, a fellow boxer. Dismissed as her boyfriend’s protegé, she was considered an underdog in every fight. She second-guessed herself and listened to his advice while sparring. However, she wasn’t able to win many matches.

With the breakup, she fired her coach and hired a new team. They explained to her that she was taught wrong by her boyfriend and former coach. It dawned on her that her boyfriend had been holding her back and didn’t want her to be a champion. As her boyfriend racked up the titles and was heading towards a national ranking, she trained.

A hard blow to his face had rendered him unconscious and put him in a coma for a few days. Sports reporters asked her for her opinion and she answered that she hoped he would get better soon. He never returned back the ring.

During her championship matches, she often saw him in the stands, applauding her victories. She talked to him afterwards and asked him how he was doing, His speech was slow but he had told her he was sorry. She gives him a hug and tells him to take care of himself. Although she loved him once, she had become her own person and his fate was no longer tied to hers.

Director: Melina Matsoukas Year: 2008

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