Video Review: Paramore “Caught In The Middle”

An orange jiggles inside a basket sitting on the counter. It turns into a royal purple record.

Hayley, against black blinds with a teal background, looks down. She looks as her square changes color. She rocks in her teal square. Zac walks along the bottom of the screen, which is illuminated by circle teal bulbs. Inside another square, her image duplicates and fades. She stares at a burst of midnight blue soaring against the black background.

She runs in place against the black background. The square disappears and she continues to run on an aqua and white tile. She balances a plate holding Zac running on a piece of fruit. She moves an orange and Taylor screams as it heads towards him. Zac and Taylor run from it.

She looks up and watches Zac and Taylor perform on  tree limb. Zac plays a lavender rectangle shape. Hayley walks among the clouds and into a piece of white paper. Her image is drawn, colored in with crayon. Lines occur behind her.

Hayley, Taylor and Zac walk on some fruit. The fruit drops and lands on Zac. Hayley jumps off the apple and into a portal. She lands against a black background and walks on the bottom of the screen. Zac plays the guitar within a canary yellow asymmetrical triangle.

She walks on an indigo painted beach. The cliffs melt as she scurries by them. She walks out of the door and into a scorched mountainous area. A lavender silhouette of Taylor playing the guitar is in the sky. She dances on the other side of the sky while a teal silhouette of Zac plays the drums.

In a scrapbook, duplicates of Taylor run into one another against a white background. Two people shake hands. Zac plays the drums inside a postcard, stating “wish you were here!” A hand drawn Hayley walks on a sheet of paper.

Hayley blows a kiss inside her circle. The drawings hang on a refrigerator.

Rating: 2/5

Hayley closes the door and opens her arms as her little boy runs towards her. He shows her what he drew for her while at school. She tells him it’s a beautiful drawing and asks him to explain it to her. He says it’s her and she’s singing. She hangs it on the refrigerator.

As he grew so did his interest in art. Walking into her teenaged son’s room, she often found clay versions of monochrome beaches with dark hues. She crossed her arms across chest and hoped the art was helping to quell his demons. He was a quiet child who had some friends. However, he didn’t talk much about his problems.

The constant sting of rejection hit him hard in his 20s and he landed in the hospital. While at her son’s apartment, she grabbed his laptop and viewed some of his works in progress. She hoped he would get to finish them. As she viewed the animations and scanned drawings, she smiled. She was truly proud of him.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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