Video Review: Beyoncé “Irreplaceable”

Beyoncé files her nails as she watches her ex-boyfriend pick up boxes.

In the driveway, he passes by the Jaguar and tries to open it. He returns for his prized basketball and reaches for her arm. She flicks him away and directs him to the door.

She walks on the staircase and shakes her hips in front of the window. She puts on her jacket and follows him outside. The cab driver talks on his phone while he waits.

In her bedroom, she sits on a stool and pats the curlers in her hair. She adjusts her stockings as she looks in the three-way mirror.

She sits on the hood of the car and stops him. She takes off his jacket and necklace. He slams the trunk of the cab. She flips her hair and smirks.

In the family room, she sings with her band.  She looks through the racks of her clothes and puts a crop top to her chest. She sits on her couch.

A young man knocks on the door. She smiles at her new boyfriend as she opens the door.

Rating: 4/5

Beyoncé calls up the phone number on her boyfriend’s phone. A young woman answers and Beyoncé tells her she better have some space ready because he’s going to be moving in with her. The young woman asks who it is and she hangs up the phone. In the family room, she gathers his stuff into several boxes and puts them on the floor.

At about 1 p.m., he rings the doorbell and she lets her ex-boyfriend inside. She tells him he’s only allowed in the family room. If there is anything she missed, he can text her and she can have it mailed out to him. He mutters under his breath that she’s a stuck up bitch. She mocks his posturing and admires the diamond bracelet she bought herself.

She follows him out into the driveway and informs him that she has security cameras watching him. Within the two last weeks, she noticed a diamond necklace went missing. He blamed the maid. It was her maid who alerted her that he was going through her jewelry box. She tells him to give back the jacket and gold chain. He pushes back, calling her greedy. She shrugs and said she bought it for him because he couldn’t afford it.

She taps her wrist and says he’s going past his alloted time. He gives her finger. She shrugs and stretches out on the Jaguar, telling him how much she can’t wait to drive the car now.

Two hours later, her new boyfriend comes over. Although he’s sweet, she isn’t really looking to get attached. It’s stll early in their relationship and there is someone else she also likes. Her comfortable lifestyle has given her options. However, it has made each decision a personal investment, requiring little room for impulse. It seems as though her boyfriends become employees to her rather than lovers.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2006

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