Video Review: Dennis Lloyd “Nevermind”

Dennis Lloyd lies on a couch. A young woman walks into a family room. She sits on a rock, staring at the ocean while the sun sets. She walks on the beach during the day.

A group of people sit on a couch inside a home. The young woman walks in a palm tree forest. In her sneakers, she steps on the rock.

The number of people change in the family room. The young woman continues to walk into the night.

In a darkened room, Lloyd and a second young woman stare out a window. The young woman places a pebble between her fingers.

He continue to lie on the couch.

Rating: 1/5

Dennis Lloyd stays on the couch all the day. His phone rings and he declines the call. He wants nothing to do with the outside world. His confidence plummeted during training at his new job. After a failing grade on a test, he came home, defeated. Unemployment loomed in his mind and he could feel every bit of the weight on him to succeed.

The young woman wanders the beach every weekend. Viewing the ocean, she knows the world is vast and there are other people like her. She checks her cell phone but there are no messages. She doesn’t talk to a lot of people. There are acquaintances in her life but no close friends. She waits for love and acceptance. No one can see past her quiet nature. They see it as a weakness and dismiss her. Sometimes, she wishes she could be loud and outgoing. Life would be much easier.

The young people sit in the room together. They have known each other for years. Two people of have dealt with recent losses in their family. Another person’s home is in foreclosure. A fourth person nurses a crush on someone but can’t say the words. No one speaks to one another. They really don’t care and prefer to look out for themselves.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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