Video Review: Juice Newton “Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me”

A car pulls up in the driveway of a home. Juice Newton opens the blinds of her study and waves to her boyfriend. She points with her finger, indicating that she’ll be there in a minute.

Against a hot pink background, she and her band plays on stage.

She runs out the door and kisses him. He closes the door and hits her leg. On their next date, she hobbles on crutches.

On stage, her image duplicates and then becomes one.

She hops on her leg as he holds her crutch. While handing a bouquet to her, he smacks her with the crutch. She falls on the driveway.

Wearing a white suit, her boyfriend wheels her out of the house. He lifts her up and tries to carry her into the car. She tells him to try another angle as he almost bumps her head into the passenger door.

Against a nighttime, starry background, she plays the guitar.

He drives to the Rocky Pointe Restaurant and gives the keys to the valet. The passenger side door bumps her wheelchair and she rolls backwards. He chases after her and she flies over the rock. He snaps his finger as the wheelchair sails over her head.

She lies in a hospital in a full body cast.

On stage, she hops around, wearing a cast on her leg.

She wiggles her toes while lying on the hospital bed.

Rating: 1/5

Juice Newton asks her day nurse if she tried the recipe she gave her. The day nurse responds that she made it for her family and they really enjoyed it. The day nurse wants to know how things are going with her boyfriend. Newton shakes her head in disgust. Her boyfriend waited until she got a room and left. He’s only visited her one other time.

In the afternoon, her doctor says her body aren’t healing as well as they should have. Her multiple fractures have been broken several times over in the past year. Her muscles are weakening and she’s going to have to stay at a physical therapy place next.  She says she’s can’t do it. She’s going to lose her insurance coverage soon. After three stays at the hospital in a short period, she has used up all her vacation time. After calling her boss and saying she’s in the emergency room, he had huffed “again?” and said point blank, that someone else was doing her job. At home, she has a stack of unpaid hospital bills and doesn’t know what to do.

The night nurse gives her hug and gasps once she sees Newton in the full body cast. She explains her boyfriend wasn’t paying attention. The night nurse tells her she can’t depend on her boyfriend and that she’s lucky to be alive. She needs to think of her health.

Her family rushes to her side in the afternoon and they tell her they love her. When they heard the story, they were fearing the worst. Newton says she’s okay other than a few scrapes and bruises. Her parents tell her she’s going to be moving in with them. She has a long road ahead of her. She tells her mom that she has work and bills to pay. Her mother pats her shoulder and says she needs to concentrate on getting better.

Director: N/A Year: 1982


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