Video Review: XXXTentacion “SAD!”

Against a black screen, XXXTentacion blinks his eyes. A silent voice greets him and introduces herself as Gekyume. Gekyume asks him his name and age.

XXXTentacion walks into a church. The silent voice asks him who he loves and hates. The mourners bow their heads in the pews and pray. He approaches his casket and views himself. The silent voice says it’s her wish for him to become a new person.

In an indigo lit room, he sits on a chair, his head down, while Gekyume, a figure in a gray robe, continues to speak to him. She demands for him to “spread love throughout the world, praise and joy unto my name.” She says the world is need of good people. She hopes other people will be able to recognize the humanity in him. He sits alone.

He leans into his casket. The deceased version of himself wakes up. He fights himself in the church.

Within his eye, he rocks in the chair. A clock flies by, ticking.

The fight escalates to an alley. Several men cheer him as he beats the deceased version of himself.

Gekyume speaks to him again, explaining that people won’t believe in his transformation. She sympathizes with him and says for him to expect judgement. She tells him he is capable of overcoming his trouble past. However, it’s up to him.

In the alley, he points his finger as he hits the deceased version of himself on the ground and against the wall. He stares at himself. Within his eye, a bright lines shines. Against a white background, he holds the deceased version of himself on the floor and walks away.

While he sits in the chair, he listens to Geykume praising him and asks him if he’s satisfied. He gets up.

Rating: 5/5

The late XXXTentacion knew his death was imminent. The guilt of beating a gay man in prison and his pregnant then-girlfriend eat at him. Both suffered for his violent temper. According to Pitchfork, he was on house arrest in 2015 for armed home invasion. His criminal past was catching up with him.

He atones for his sins and starts to pray to God every night. He asks for his child to be safe. He makes an appointment with his lawyer to draw up a will. Each conversation with his family seems to be last.

He realizes he’ll be remembered as a criminal with a hopeless future. There are some people who believe his death would be deserved. As he sinks into his depression, knowing the person he has become, part of him thinks they are right. Second chances are possible, though. He asks God to grant him another year.

While driving to the store, he glances in the rearview mirror and knows it’s too late. It’s days or hours.  He thanks the clerk. He gives a homeless man some change and hopes it’s enough.

Director: JMP Year: 2018

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