Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “La Luna”

Inside a villa, Belinda Carlisle holds a white sheet over her naked body as she sits up in bed.

With a mask over her eyes, she walks down the royal blue lit steps and into the ballroom. Her lover, dressed as 18th century aristocrat, dances with her. She removes her mask.

In black-and-white, her lover calls her from a telephone booth. She rides in the backseat of a car. She glances over her shoulder as she walks on the street. He continues to walk in Paris.

At the ball, a young woman, dressed as an 18th century aristocrat puts a mask over her face. Two men, wearing white wigs, bow and join the dance. A second young man plays the guitar.

In black-and-white, he sits on the patio outside a cafe. They kiss over the table.

During the ball, two women wave their fans as they gossip about the people dancing at their table. A joker juggles and then begins to play the violin.

In black-and-white, he sits across from her at a cafe and watches her.

Rating: 4/5

Belinda Carlisle set down her bags on the hotel floor and gazes at the Notre Dame in the distance. Ever since she was a child, she had dreamed of going to France. She had envisioned walking hand-in-hand in Paris with her husband celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, though, she and her husband split up last year. Stepping off the plane, though, the failure within her receded. She was achieving something again.

On her first day, she went to a cafe and ordered a coffee. As she ate her pastry, she felt a man staring at her. Once she got up to pay, she locked eyes with him and continued to walk. A tap on the shoulder got her attention while looking up at the Eiffel Tower. It was the man. In his light accent, he asked her if she was enjoying the city. She nodded and said it was everything she dreamed it would be. He asked her what she had seen so far and she told him the usual tourist spots. He grinned and asked if she would like to see the true Paris with him. She took his hand and they begin to walk.

During their day together, she saw Paris from a hot air balloon and bought fresh food from Saint-Quentin market for dinner. He drove her to his villa and prepared dinner for her. After their meal, he carried her into his bedroom and they made love. He invited her to a masquerade ball the next night. She said yes and kissed him again.

At the masquerade ball, he led her down the stairs as he held her hand and whispered that she was most beautiful woman in the room. Holding her mask over her eyes, she spoke with socialites and laughed at some European businessmen’s jokes. He twirled her around on the dancefloor and pleaded with her to stay one more week.

She kissed him goodbye at her hotel. His driver arrived to take her to the airport. To her surprise, he was waiting for her in the backseat. She cuddled with him during the drive.

Returning home, she thinks of her lover back in France as her nails click on the typewriter at work. Her co-workers ask to see pictures and tell her how lucky she was to go. On lunch, she chews on her sandwich, her heart heavy. France had become her new home.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 1989

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