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A little boy walks into the family room carrying a large lightbulb. His grandfather calls “whoa, whoa” and the little boy gives him the lightbulb. On the couch, his grandfather tells him that he has to stay out of the barn and says the lightbulb has a story behind it. His older takes off his headphones and listens.

As a young man, he sighs. His girlfriend leads her horse as she walks in the backyard. He tips his hat to a party guest.

Brian and Tyler play their guitars in the forest at night.

He takes his girlfriend’s hand as they walk to a dinner party held at a country club. A server carries a tray of champagne. She gulps down her glass of champagne. They dance as the band plays. She knocks into a server’s tray and apologizes. The guests gasp as he fixes the server’s collar and they run into the forest.

At night, they walk into the stables. Brian and Tyler play as they stand in the hay. A crowd of people drink and dance.

Sometime last week, he carried a wooden crate of lightbulbs into the field and placed them in the grass.

As they walk into the field, he says he wants to show her something. The field lights up. Tyler and Brian play among between the rows. He kisses his girlfriend.

The grandfather stares into the distance as he holds onto the lightbulb.

Rating: 5/5

The grandfather watches his youngest grandson run around in the field, chasing after a bunny. Tears sting his eyes as he thinks of his late wife who died a month before he was born. His youngest grandson reminded him of her: full of life and a lover of animals.

Once they married, they opened their ranch to the public. Visitors rode horses and they sold cattle. They raised their two children and were able to put them through college from the profits they made. However, in her 50s, she became sick with cancer. He and the children tried to hold onto to the ranch for as long as they could. In between hospital visits, his children would help. He ended up closing it down. Without his wife at his side, he didn’t have any passion for the business. They built it from scratch together and running it without her seemed wrong.

She recovered and they traveled in their recreational vehicle around the United States for a couple of years. They sent their grandchildren postcards and toys back home. Everyday was an adventure with her. Then, she became sick again. He prayed to God to save her. But in the hospital, she asked him to let go. She didn’t want to battle anymore. She felt her grandson’s kick inside her daughter’s belly and passed the same night.

They didn’t have much. However, it was enough. The mansions were for the elite. They were happy with their modest home and two healthy children. They wanted their children explore life beyond the ranch and travel around the world. Upon retirement, her only request was to see a landmark in all 50 states. As she smiled next to the Statue of Liberty or a ball of twine, he was proud he was able to make her dream come true.

Director: Justin Clough Year: 2018

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