Video Review: Taylor Dayne “With Every Beat of My Heart”

A fire burns at a bonfire. Lit in electric blue, Taylor Dayne dances. In his apartment, a sixtysomething man, wearing an undershirt and boxers, dances in his bedroom.

She opens one of the windows to her apartment. The window cleaner peeks through the window as she dances. Doves perch on a railing. A young man kisses a runaway bride against her car.

In black-and-white, she dances by her mirror. It rotates to color and switches back and forth.

She stretches out on a navy blue couch. Her dalmatian walks to her. The runaway bride and young man run in the street.

She dances against a white wall. A vase of roses sits next to her. As the wind blows through the open window in another room, she leans against the wall. A bust of mannequin stands by her. The vase falls. She dances on the rooftop of her apartment building.

A trash can of water spills over on the roof. It drenches the runaway bride and the young man and floods Dayne’s floor. She kicks the water and sweeps it with her hands.

She sits against the white wall and laughs.

Rating: 2/5

Taylor Dayne stretches out on her yoga mat on a Saturday afternoon. She and her best friend exchange glances as the male instructor walks to her and tells her to lift her leg a little higher. Her best friend whispers a dirty joke to her after he passes by. After class, she and her best friend get some coffee. They sit at at table outside the cafe and discuss their dates from last night. Her best friend describes her date grabbing her butt and slimy come-ons. Dayne shudders. Dayne says her date was polite and they had a pleasant dinner. However, there was no passion behind their goodnight kiss.

Dayne returns to her apartment and watches a young man race towards a runaway bride and kiss her. From her window, she sees them make out for an hour and then leave. As she pets her dog, she thinks of the runaway bride who otherwise left a stable relationship for another man. She admires the runaway bride. However, the man she truly loves lives somewhere in the suburbs with his wife. She lost her chance years ago.

She dances to the radio as she cleans her apartment, thinking of her male co-worker. He was a kind man who stood up for her while she was training for the job. He believed she could do it. He convinced her manager to not to fire her. He has mentioned something about going out. However. she didn’t really answer him. Dating him would be a risk to her livelihood. None of the guys she met at the bars, though, were actual matches. He seemed to be the only one who understood her. She takes a deep breath and calls her male co-worker.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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