Video Review: Alice Merton “Lash Out”

A twelve-year-old boy nods off in class. A female server sets a man’s meal on the table. Alice Merton throws her had back in her seat as she sits in a traffic jam.

The man complains about his meal and insults the female server. The fiftysomething owner overhears it. The teacher smacks the twelve-year-old’s boy head with his papers. The fiftysomething man waves his finger and yells at Merton as he waits behind her. She gets out of the car and grabs a baseball bat from the backseat.

The fiftysomething owner threatens the female server in the back room. The teacher raps his ruler on the twelve-year-old boy’s desk. Merton hits the fiftysomething man’s windshield and headlights with the bat. The twelve-year-old boy stands up on his desk while teacher calls for him to calm down. The female server grabs a flourescent light hanging in the back room.

The twelve-year-old dances on the teacher’s desk. Merton walks over the cars. The female server hits the flowers on the counter. The students dance on their desks and throw their papers at their teacher. The female servers throws a tablecloth and breaks some flowers on the counter by the cash register. People dance on top of their cars.

Merton walks into a convenience store and gets a drink. The students walk out of the building. The female server runs out of the restaurant and swings at the man, Merton confronts two men in the store,

Rating: 3/5

The twelve-year-old boy sits in the principal’s office with his parents as they discuss his punishment. They chide him for falling asleep in class. He says he didn’t care. The teacher was only going to find another way to humiliate him or one of his classmates. He says the teacher has called him dumb and twisted his words around in class to pick a fight. The principal tells him they will look into it. Two weeks later, he’s called back into the counselor’s office and asks how he’s doing. He says he’s doing okay. He’s been much better since put his teacher on leave. They apologize him.

The fiftysomething owner enters the female server’s new workplace. The owner frowns as the female server walks to the counter. She asks her former boss how she can help. The woman points to some flowers and says “three of those.” She asks if that will be all. The woman yells that she wants to talk to the manager. She smiles and answers that it’s her. The woman demands to talk to the owner. “Still me, ” she answers and the woman walks out in a huff.

The police dismiss Alice Merton. the fiftysomething man won’t be pressing charges against her. He’s already being investigated at his job for harassing the young women and embezzling money. The destruction of his car is the least of his problems.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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