Video Review: Ne-Yo “Good Man”

In black-and-white, the needle moves to the record and begins to play. A television screen turns on.

Ne-Yo sits on a stool inside a warehouse, writing in his notebook. On the bed, his wife reads a note he left for her. A caterpillar crawls on the floor.

In bed, they lie underneath the sheet and caress one another.

At the warehouse, he reads over what he was written, tears off the sheet and starts over. A globe spins around. A ring also spins. Two women stand back-to-back. A second ring spins. On the stool, he points to his ring finger.

Four women from a choir sing and snap their fingers. Three versions of Ne-Yo fade into one another.

In a split screen, he faces two different situations. To the left, his wife talks to him. While in the right screen, he kisses her cheek and she walks away.

Ne-Yo and his wife argue. She shoves him.

In the warehouse, he stands on the floor and throws the stool. His wife touches his chin.

Wearing a suit and undone tie, he sits in a recliner. On television, a news report asks “is Ne-Yo a good man?” A butterfly rests on his wife’s hand. She points a gun.

Ne-Yo wakes up in bed and checks his phone. He looks at his wife and then checks his phone. In a text message, Tanya texts him “can you get away?” He glances over his shoulder at his wife. His wife opens her eyes and then closes him as she rests on the pillow.

Rating: 3/5

Tanya is the thorn in Ne-Yo’s marriage. She continues to text him, asking him to come over to her house. He has explained to her he’s now someone’s husband and can no longer sleep around. Tanya, though, is persistent and says it’ll be between them. No one will ever know. But he will.

In previous relationships, he made questionable choices. He cheated on a girlfriend when he was a teenager. His mother took him aside and she raised him to be a gentleman. The shame of it lasted with him ever since. There have been times he’s flirted with someone else while dating another girl. However, he usually stopped the relationship he was in before it could go any further.

His wife, though, got him to settle down and think of becoming a father. They have been trying for a while. He prefers his child see him as a role model to a healthy relationship. His wife tells him to block Tanya’s texts. Their history no longer matters. Whatever he’s holding onto, he needs to let go. Ne-Yo realizes she’s right. He’s been disrespecting her and deletes Tanya from his phone.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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