Video Review: Flo Rida, Robin Thicke & Verdine White “I Don’t Like It, I Love It”

While Flo Rida walks on the sidewalk, he shakes hands with some of his neighbors. Robin Thicke closes his door as  he walks onto the platform of his home. A couple of doors away, several young women sit on the steps with red plastic cups and snap their fingers. Flo Rida checks his watch and says hello the group of women and shakes Thicke’s hand.

Flo Rida and the women dance in place while they watch the children play in the gusts of  water from the fire hydrant. Thicke sits at the fire hydrant, smiling at the kids while he turns it on again. Flo Rida buys the neighborhood children ice cream from the ice cream truck. Flo Rida, Thicke and their female friends lick their ice cream cone. Flo Rida and Thicke stand by the railing. Flo Rida checks out a young woman as she walks past them. Two women stop to talk to Thicke.

A second young woman parks her car by Thicke’s house. Flo Rida walks up to her and starts to hit on her. She gets out of her car to talk to him.

In the evening, Thicke, Flo Rida and the adults living in the neighborhood dance. Thicke claps and puts his arm around Flo Rida.

Rating: 4/5

Robin Thicke refilled the cooler outside his house. Flo Rida talks to the ice cream vendor and writes out a check for him. Thicke chats with some of his female neighbors who live next door. They tell him summer is going by too quickly and that the fall semester is going to be starting in two weeks. Thicke says his kid is ready to go back. At least three times a day, his kid tells him he’s bored.

Thicke talks with Flo Rida. They discuss the young women who walk by them. Flo Rida talks about his crush on his neighbor across the street. He heard she was supposed to show up but he isn’t sure, Thicke pats him on the shoulder and tells him she’ll be there. Thicke talks with several other women once Flo Rida’s crush arrives.

The party continues on until 10 p.m. Thicke’s female neighbors slide the grill back to their yard. Thicke announces it’s last call for beer. Most of the parents have left and put their children to bed. A group forms by the sidewalk and they begin to dance. Around 11 p.m., the police tell the stragglers to go home.

Director: Director X Year: 2015

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