Video Review: Keith Urban & Julia Michaels “Coming Home”

Inside a bar, Keith Urban plays the piano. He gets up from his bed and walks to the window. He climbs out of the shelter and walks barefoot in the meadow. The sun sets as he heads towards a door.

He opens the door and walks into a home with filled with cardboard boxes. Waking up, he tosses for a minute and then ties his shoes. Stepping out of the bedroom, he stares at the torn wall and gets inside a taxi.

During the late night drive, he looks at his last album and grins. Getting out the cab, he walks down a lavender lit hallway decorated with posters. People play foosball and drink at the bar. Walking further, he enters a dive bar and sits down. He watches a version of himself and Julia Michaels perform on stage. Urban says goodbye and leaves into the unknown.

Rating: 2/5

Keith Urban once forced a sunny outlook of his life. Although his side of the field was an artificial green, he wanted to present a life he wish he had. The people who opened about their problems seemed weak to him. He buried his problems. It wasn’t until someone else took care of his mess that he realized how deep his self-loathing went.

He moved from place to place. At each one, it was as though he was a stranger. He stayed with friends, who hardly seemed to know or with people he met one night at the bar. The connections were tenuous at best and usually didn’t last beyond the last drink.

A few sleepless nights later, he kisses his wife goodbye and says he’s going out. ThIte unsettled feeling rises in him every so often and he needs to breathe. He visits a dive bar and watches a young man perform with his female partner. The young woman steals the show from him. The young man doesn’t mind, though. The young man directs his applause to her, giving her the credit.

Urban returns home to his family and makes them dinner. He plays games with them all night. It was a life he almost didn’t have.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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