Video Review: Foster The People “Doing It For The Money”

A car drives in a tunnel. Inside an empty office, a message states “since the beginning of time, humans have dreamed.” It continues, saying that “only recently have computers been able to delve into their subconcious.” It concludes by saying the project was intended to show the brain inside a computer, calling the concept DeepDream.

Mark Foster sits at a computer. Behind him, a bear forms on the wall. Mark transforms into some birdlike creature while the painting of a disfigured wolfman smiles on the wall.

In the basement, Foster’s face becomes discolored and scarred. Heads of animals form on Cubbie’s hands. A woman walks down the hallway in silhouette.

Foster, Cubbie and Mark Pontious stand in a line in a corner office. A woman holds up a white sheet as a fan blows. Eyes form as she moves the sheet. She transforms into a bear. Trees form in the back of Foster’s head as he faces the band in a room. A lamp shines on a pattern set on the table.

As the drives into the tunnel, eyes are plastered on the windshield. A man kisses an owl. With the DeepDream setting off, he dusts off some of the sculpture. A fox grabs at a man’s coat as he runs down a hallway.

The DeepDream setting turns off.

Rating: 0/5

DeepDream, which was developed by Google and released in 2015, produces patterns over pictures. The technology, though, is being lauded as advancement in artificial intelligence, as reported by Slate. It is considered the brain of the computer acting out its thoughts. However, the disturbing patterns of computers as cold monsters who live without any compassion.

Google, with its dystopic point of view, believes the computer does have a mind of its own. The computer which crashed or destroyed an important file is really out to get the person and has little humanity. Given its a machine, the nightmarish patterns suggest a future takeover in which peoples’ minds have become blank. With peoples’ reliance on technology to stave off boredom, it’s a likely outcome.

The patterns create a horrific narrative in which there is no escape to the cruelty and a heavy darkness lurks inside each person. Humans no longer have free will and are subject to the computer’s version of themselves. The human has no choice but do the bidding of the computer.

Director: Daniel Henry Year: 2017

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