Video Review: Peter Cetera & Amy Grant “Next Time I Fall”

Amy Grant leans against the wall filmed in sepia tone. In black-and-white, Peter Cetera walks on the opposite side. of the room. In color, she sits on the windowsill. The colors rotate throughout.

He gazes at the ceiling. Inside the studio, the dancers arrive and begin to warm up. From opposite sides of the room. Cetera and Grant watches them stretch. Cetera observes as a male dancer shakes his legs. They shake their hips and kick up one leg. Cetera sits by a statue.

The dancers practice their routines with their partners. The male partner lifts up the female as she gazes into his eyes. Another male dancer spins his partner in his arms. Grant moves her arms as she helps out one couple. Cetera walks down the hallway. The women continue the routine in the forefront.

Grant and Cetera continue to sit on the windowsill.

He looks over his shoulder and smiles as he walks out of the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

Amy Grant had to quit the ballet company during her tenure as a soloist. Peter Cetera, the owner, was someone she saw as a mentor. They had trained together at one point and developed a close friendship. He had been choreographer and had cast her as a lead in his ballet. During their time rehearsing, she began to fall for him. She kissed one night after a long evening. He told her he couldn’t be with her. He was married and tarnish the reputation of his company. She gave her notice after the last performance.

However, she missed dance and him. Her best friend had informed her that he had left his wife. Though, since her departure, he became snappy. Her best friend told her it was time to come back and talk to him. He needed her there. Grant nodded.

In the morning, she entered the studio and watched her fellow colleagues perform a routine she knew so well. Cetera, his hand in his pockets, kept his gaze fixed on her. She didn’t know what to say or do. She wanted to run up to him and kiss him. All she could was hope. Cetera told the dancers to take five and he walked down the hallway by himself.

She stayed after class and waited to talk to him. Once everyone had gone, he held her in his arms and kissed her. He brushed away her tears and asked her why she was crying. She thought he had forgotten about her. “Never” and he kissed her again.

Director: Dominic Sena Year: 1986

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