Video Review: Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande “Bed”

Seagulls caw as they fly over the ocean. Underneath the golden sunset, Nicki Minaj flaps her fins on the shore. Standing at near her summer home, she wraps her sky blue Fine Mesh Kimono around her.

She sits on the wooden ledge of the pool, flipping hair and pauses during her swim for some liquor. As she walks by the patio, the screen split into three. Bordering Minaj is an icy blue sky with cotton clouds on top and the waves of the ocean on the bottom.

Ariana Grande, wearing a white Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini, flips her long ponytail at the pool. Grande, sitting by the pool, also has a border around her. The top, which features the wooden pool ledge and the waves on the bottom.

In the center of the split screen, Nicki Minaj checks her phone as she sits on her bed. A floral border frames her. Minaj, wearing a My Little Pony one-piece bathing suit, blows a kiss as she sits by the pool. Minaj lies on her back and wets her hair.

Tendrils of grass form the border while Grande bends over in the center, touching the ground.

At night, Minaj lifts her butt up in the air in ocean and lets the water wash over her. Minaj takes a Lyft car.

Back at the beach, Minaj and Grande wave at Odell Beckham, Jr, and Brad Wing. Beckham gestures for one of them to sit with him on his bed. Wing offers a tray of food. Grande eats some food of the tray. Minaj sits by the Beckham. Grande gives Wing a high-five. They watch the sun set.

Rating: 4/5

Ariana Grande checked her mail. The address was Nicki Minaj’s. She opens it, wondering why Minaj didn’t call her instead. She squeals once she sees airplane tickets to a tropical location inside the card, congratulating her on her engagement. She texts Minaj back and says she’s available.

Upon arriving, Grande and Minaj drink champagne at the resort. After sunbathing in the morning, they took a cruise on a glass bottom boat and viewed the sea life living in the water and then got a massage. Afterwards, they returned back to the resort and changed into their bikinis again. They hung out a the pool for a few hours and drank some wine.

On the second day of their trip, they ran into their friends Odell Beckham, Jr. and Brad Wing. They said they were enjoying their last few days of leisure before practice started up again. Minaj asks him about his ankle. Grande asks Wing asks if he has found another team to play on yet. Grande and Minaj invite them on a hike.

While on the plane ride home, Grande thanks Minaj for the gift. She explains that it was just what she needed. Minaj agrees, stating it’s about to get crazy for both of them. Minaj figured to hang out now before they both have to start promoting their music.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2018

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