Video Review: Kelsea Ballerini “I Hate Love Songs”

Wearing a pink wrap dress, Kelsea Ballerini rotates on red heart as gold confetti falls on her. She gets up and curtesies.

In a t-shirt and jeans, she walks into a room where a bride is talking to her bridesmaids. She cringes as the bride tosses the bouquet. She shakes her head.

Tying an apron around her waist, she walks into work. The man proposes to his girlfriend as she sets their dinners down on the table. She congratulates them and steals the woman’s wine. She drinks it and flips her hair.

She takes off her apron in a red balloon decorated room and then picks up a box of chocolates. She bends over and whispers into a giant stuffed teddy bear’s ear. With her fist, she begins to pop the balloons on the wall. On the floor, she finds a small bouquet of roses and sniffs them. She plucks the petals off the roses.

Skipping into her sister’s family room, she sits on the couch and flips through the channels. The young man turns to her sister and they begin to make out. She calls out “hey!” and leaves.

On the television, a second young man calls out for his love in the pouring rain. She walks up to him but as water gets in her eyes, she gestures “cut” with her hand. An assistant puts a coat over her. In the studio, she dries off and hands the towel back to the assistant. Another crew member gives her phone and she smiles. She talks to her boyfriend on her break.

Rating: 3/5

The bride calls out for every single woman to come onto the dancefloor. It’s time to throw the bouquet. Kelsea Ballerini remains sitting at her table. Her boyfriend ribs her, asking her if she wants to be next. She grins at him and says it’ll disrupt her plans to steal some slices of cake.

On Valentine’s Day, she and her boyfriend stay home, watching movies. He asks her if she wants to go out to eat. She tells him every place will be busy and she’d rather stay at home. They can go out tomorrow instead. She kisses him and says she doesn’t a need a holiday to express her love for him.

She watches her sister fawn over her boyfriend and gush about him on social media. However, she’s seen them break up in private and then not talk for a week. In between, they post mushy love letters on social media. She doesn’t want to be that annoying couple. Her boyfriend, though, will tag her every once in a while in a photo. However, she usually sticks to telling jokes and posting pictures of their dog.

Director: Traci Goudie Year: 2018

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