Video Review: Mario “Just A Friend 2002”

Mario and his friends hang out by an apartment building. Mario leans against the car, dancing. The young woman (Cassie) shuts the car door and stares back at him.

Mario bobs his head while dancing against a royal purple background.

Mario walks over to the young woman and touches his arm. His friends cheer for him. She leaves. One of the tenants (Biz Markie) comes out of his home. Mario and his friends walk away. He follows her as she walks in the street. She turns around and then continues on her way. He and his friends dance in the street.

He and his friends continue the dance routine in front of the movie theater, which is showing “Just A Friend.” The young woman passes by him and meets his eyes while she walks into the theater. He and his friends dance in the aisle of the movie theater. He sits behind her and puts his arm around her.

Biz Markie dances with Mario against the royal purple background.

He sits next to her and she leans in closer to him. He and his friends dance by the screen during the advertisements. The young woman smiles and shakes her friend’s hand. She, as well as the other moviegoers, clap for him after he finishes dancing.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman says to him that she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. The bell rings and she closes her locker. He walks away, shaking his head. During lunch, he tells his friends about what she said. They told him to keep trying. As far as they know, she hasn’t really dated anyone. She could be scared, Mario hopes they are right.

In one of their classes together, she mentions she’s going with her friends to the movies over the weekend and invites him. Without even thinking, he answers yes. On the phone, he tells his best friend and says they have a new plan on Saturday.

At the movies, he talks with her before the show starts. However, as the theatre darkens, he begins to dance. He expresses his feelings towards her and asks her to give him a chance. She runs up to him and tells him she will. She can consider the movie their first date.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2002

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